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  Bitches, Tramps and Cheese -- Ask Sister Rossetta    
On the Batchelorette, Trista has shown contempt for decency--seducing innocent men by wearing an oversized football jersey with NO PANTIES underneath.  
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know your e-mail. looking for a ryan and trista batchelorette kind of match up but, will accept all kinds. looking for a great guy  
Thursday, February 20, 2003 Made good progress on Topsecret last night while watching Batchelorette. So glad that Trista picked Ryan, I had been hoping for him  
  The Vail Trail - Vail's Greatest Newspaper Since 1965    
you actually give a damn about what happened on “The Batchelorette”: You were 2: Talk smack about Trista: The most important thing in a relationship is  
  You're just VISITING my world; I LIVE here!?    
EVERYONE SHOULD BE WATCHING The Batchelorette. Why? Well, the guys are absotively posolutely fuckin' gorgeous! And wellI guess Trista's on it toowhoopie.  
  deceptively packaged    
The Batchelorette end. Not all that surprising of outcomes, really I find this funny: "The first "Bachelor," Alex Michel - who snubbed "Bachelorette" Trista
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