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  Schleuniger Precision Cable Strippers    
Schleuniger offers a complete range of semi - and fully-automatic machines for processing single conductor wire, coaxial, multi-conductor, fiber optic, Pof and flat flexible cable.  
  Cable Strippers - Hyperlink Technologies    
One-stop shop for wireless networking. Huge selection and savings on wireless LAN networking equipment and accessories. Amplifiers, antennas, lightning protectors, cable assemblies and more.  
  Cable Stripper - Compare Prices    
Get accurate and unbiased pricing and merchant reviews from PriceGrabber, the top comparison shopping site according to PC Magazine and Yahoo! Internet Life. Prices, specs, reviews and more.  
  Cable Stripper - Compare Prices    
At, the search engine for shoppers, compare prices, tax, shipping, ratings and reviews from name brand stores all over the Web. Sellers, list your own store at Nextag today.  
  Shop Online at Country Electric    
Purchase Ideal Industries cable strippers from County Electric's Christmas tool specials.  
  Harris Network Support - Tool Kits    
The following items are included in this tremendous cost savings kit: D914S™ Impact Tool, Electrician's D-Snips™, Cable Stripper, and the EverSharp™ 66  
  Equipment Search Results    
6" Used Eldan Cable Stripper Item: 12868 Model 6 Capacity: 1 1/2" -6" Cable photo || request more information || request pricing  
  Hobbes® USA    
Crimper, 2 positions for 8P8C/RJ-45, 6P6C/RJ-12, 6p4c/RJ-11. Cable stripper with cutter. 80 8P8C Plugs. Cable stripper with cutter. Coaxial cable stripper.  
  Tools & Accessories    
In addition, ICC offers CATV coax cable stripper tool for RG-59 and RG-6 coax cables. Another offering is the CATV connector crimp  
  Catskill Supply Co, Inc. - Hand Tools    
R-24100, Crimp Pin Insertion and Extraction Tool, $7.95, $2.00. Cable Stripper. R-24110, Cable Stripper for Round and Modular Cable, $24.95, $9.95.  
  QuickCable cable lugs    
Site Search Heat Shrink Tubing Crimper - Brute Hammer Crimp Tool Cable Stripper For stainless steel nuts and washers please click onto: Please order what you | Product Display    
2651472, EREM 5" SEMI-FLUSH ESD SAFE DIAGONAL CUTTER, Same Day, $39.95. 2931875, GREENLEE NM (ROMEX) CABLE STRIPPER FOR 12/2 & 14/2, Same Day, $16.95.    
  Canare Cable, Inc.    
manufacture pro audio and video cable, connectors, patchbays, star quad, cable reels, patchcords, snake systems, tools, and strippers. Yahoo! Directory  
  GREENLEE Cabling Tools    
KWIK STRIPPER™: Flat Telephone Cable Cutter / Stripper, CATV Cable Stripper, CATV / UTP Stripper, Twisted Pair Stripper, Coax Stripper - 2 or 3 Levels.  
  Digi-Key Product Index    
Lead Straightener, IC 0257; Modular Cable Stripper 0132; Multipurpose 0976; Nibbler 0941; Nozzles 0983; Probes 0975; Scissors 0913 , 0975;  
  Cable Prep    
manufacturer of coaxial cable strippers and cable preparation tools. Yahoo! Directory  
  Eraser International Ltd    
Wire and cable (extruded insulation) strippers using rotary blades, die-blades or thermal methods. Magnet wire strippers blade type, wire/fibreglass wheel and chemical methods. Yahoo! Directory  
  New, Amended, Upgraded & Discontinued products    
Cat 5E keystone coupler Use with keystone mounting boxes and panels. Cable Stripper Now with 110 IDC tool, Patch panel lid Suits our wall-mounted patch-panels.  
  RG6, RG58 & RG59 coaxial cable stripper    
Coaxial Cable Stripper For stripping RG6, RG58 and RG59 coaxial cables. 3 length. A Cat-5/Cat-6 cable stripper is also available.  
  700 Series Handheld Cable Stripper    
Larger Image. Perfect for: COAXIAL, TRIAXIAL, and SEMI-RIGID CABLE. Quick-change, patented cutter heads available for all types of cable and strip dimensions.  
  QVS® | PC ACCESSORIES Tools & Toolkits    
CATEGORY 5 TOOLS. CAT5 RJ45 Crimp Tool & Cable Stripper This modular plug termination tool cuts and crimp CAT5 RJ45 connectors including type shielded type.  
  Eclipse wire strippers , cable slitter , coax cable stripper,    
GREAT TOOLS AT LOW PRICES eclipse tools, wire strippers , cable slitter , coax cable stripper , hand tool,. Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper:  
  Harris Network Support - Structured Cabling Tools    
Cable Stripper. This compact and economical tool provides effortless, finger-loop cutting and stripping of flexible cables. Pro2000™ Cable Stripper 25.  
TS-SERIES COAXIAL CABLE STRIPPER. Now with the new Canare stripper, you simply "insert cable, rotate and remove." Completes the job in just 15 seconds!  
  BNC Coax Cable RG58 Thinnet - Computer Accessories - Cables N Mor ...    
N23715 50' BNC Cable $10.00 Qty: N23719 100' BNC Cable $15.00 Qty: E60745 BNC RJ45 lan testers - with remote $49.00 Qty: R20318 BNC Cable Stripper - RG58, 59    
& WIRE STRIPPERS a. "CYCLOPS" DATA CABLE STRIPPER * Safe and accurate * Utp, stp, multi-core, voice, data, audio, fibre and security cable-up to 11mm diameter.  
  NASA Tech Briefs PartSearch    
ICs 0243; Knives and Blades 0861 , 0920 , 0922-0923; Lead Straightener, IC 0239; Modular Cable Stripper 0122; Multipurpose 0921; Nibbler  
  Hobbes® USA    
RG-8, 11, 174, 179, 213. 6.5" cable cutter. Cable stripper with cutter. Coaxial cable stripper. Punch down tool with 66/88/110 blades. Coaxial stripper.  
  Setting up Cable Internet and an AirPort Network on a Macintosh    
Cable stripper (round handle) coaxial cable, 3 cable connectors cable clips, crimping tool (pliers-like). I had to pick a place  
  Keystone Jacks, RJ45 Plugs and other Networking and Cabling ...    
Cat 5 Twisted Pair & Flat Telephone Cable Stripper. Features. This is a great cable stripper to have in any tool box or work bench.  
  TSCM - Hand Tool Requirements    
Description, Dracon Product Number. PVC Stripper, P/N 44110-008. Plenum Cable Stripper, P/N 10204-000. Replacement Blade Pack of 10 only, P/N 10202-001.  
  Misc Electronics Tools    
VTTV3, 24.50. VTCOAX coax cable stripper, Coax cable stripper for stripping RG-58/59/62/6/3C2V. No replacement cassettes needed. VTCOAX, 14.00.  
  Telecommunications, CATV, Metal Fabrications – OEL Sales ...    
747 OEL 2, 747 OEL 2, $750.00. AS-025 Cable Stripper, $68.00. Coax Tester, Coax Tester, $58.00. Coaxial Cable Stripper Kit, Coaxial Cable Stripper Kit, $500.00.  
  Ideal Industries UTP Cable Stripper - Lowest Prices    
Compare prices for Ideal Industries UTP Cable Stripper at  
  UTP Cable Stripper and Cutter @    
Buy UTP Cable Stripper and Cutter from - the professional's source for hard to find computer parts.  
  Data SureStrip, Cable Stripper    
Computing Office.Computers Peripherals.Desktops.Accessories.Toolkits Test Equipment  
Find the best price on the BELKIN COAXIAL CABLE STRIPPER at ZDNet Shopper - the Internet's most powerful tool for comparing buying information on technology products.lowest price: $17.89  
  Trompeter Electronics RF Connector Fiber Optics Cable Assembly    
700-0024, CABLE CUTTER (MAGIER 1147), Download PDF. BCWS/C26T3D, Powered Cable Stripper with Cutter Head and Rapid Charger Reconditioner, Download PDF.  
  Nancy J. Vankirk: Grade 8-12 Richard J. Fabian: Grades 8-12 James ...    
Page 3. * Using a cable stripper, remove the jacket of the cable. * Using a cable stripper, remove the jacket of the cable. Page 4.  
  CAT 5 Cable Stripper by Platinum Tools    
Cat 5 cable stripper strips the cable jacket from Category 5 and Category 5e cables. Will NOT nick the inner conductors.. CAT 5 Cable Jacket Stripper  
  Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper    
Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper AS-3100 SERIES Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper Part No. Stripping Cable Size AS-3101 Stripping Length: 12mm Jacket. (For UTP-Conductor Wire) AS-3102 Stripping Length  
CABLE STRIPPER It can cut and peel a cable off simply and precisely. The blade of knife is inside, so it's safe. Possible to ¨ª 7~30mm cable. WIRE STRIPPER It is designed for reducing  
  Cable Stripper    
SYSTEM HIGH Wire Stripper Cable Stripper Prepares RG-59 and RG-6 Coax for attachment of F-Connector fittings. Simply insert coax Cable (Eagle Aspen) ] [ Cable Stripper ] [ Crimp Tool for  
  Pico Macom, Inc.    
CS-596, Rotary 2-Blade Cable Stripper. CS-596B, Replacement Blades. CS-200, Clothespin 3-Blade Rotary Cable Stripper. CS-200B, Replacement Blades.  
  Welcome to Coastel Cable Tools    
Perfect for: Coaxial, Triaxial, Semi-Rigid and Micro Coax Cable. PRODUCTION WIRE STRIPPERS. CT100 THERMAL STRIPPER larger image Info.  
  Cables To Go: Cable Strippers/Cutting Tools    
More Information, $12.99. 04592, TRI-BLADE COAX RG59/6 CABLE STRIPPER Strips RG58, RG59, and RG6 cable Availability: In Stock, More Information, $17.99.  
  Pneumatic V-Blade Cable Stripper    
MAIN MODEL 77B Pneumatic Cable Stripper The newly improved accurate stripping results. This powerful pneumatic bench top cable stripper can be equipped with either adjustable V-Blades or cable 77A NBG.html  
  Taiwan- hand/ air tool, cable/ wire stripper, pneumatic terminal crimping tool supplier manufacturer.    
Manufacturer of hand/ air tools, such as cable/ wire stripper, pneumatic terminal crimping tools.  
  MidSouth Wire and Cable - Coax Connectors Crimping Tools, Coax ...    
Rotary Coax Cable Stripper: CA-5915 25.30 each. 3 Blade Coax Stripper RG-58, R-59, RG-6. Rotary Coax Cable Stripper: CA-5910 $22.60 each.  
  Seatek Co. Inc. - The Armored Cable Cutting Experts Since 1973    
Introducing a Technological Breakthrough! Vee-Twin VT-270. Precision Cable Stripper Range 1/4" to 2-1/8". Seatek's new tool, the Roto  
  134 "Cable Accessories":    
"Breezy" Portable Fan. AC / DC Motorized Coaxial Cable Stripper. Articualted Arm Fan. Trompeter Cable Termination Equipment. Trompeter Motorized Coaxial Stripper.  
  Greenwoods Communications E-catalogue    
RA8000 cables Space saving cable with comparable characteristics to BT3002 / TZC75024. Portable Cable Stripper Fast precise stripping for coaxial cables. | Product Display    
  TechTV | Network Your Home With Wires    
CAT 5/5E; RG6; Fiber; Patch cabling; Crossover cabling. Tools. Co-axial cable stripper; UTP stripper; RJ45/RJ11 crimp tool; Punchdown tool with 110 blade; RG6 crimp tool.,24330,3387933,00.html  
  Jon's Specialty Store - Gift Ideas    
Cable Stripper Electrician's Cable Stripper, This Electrician's Cable Stripper strips electrical wire quickly and neatly, like nothing else I've seen.  
  PC Connection : Product Listings    
AM12 UTP/STP Data Cable Stripper / Cutter. Add To Cart, PC, 157977, Paladin Tools By Connectool, Special Order, $19.95. Coaxial Stripper - LC CST 58/59/6.  
  PC Connection : Paladin Tools By Connectool, Data SureStrip, ...    
Product Description, Paladin Tools Data SureStrip cable stripper. Product Material, Stainless steel, ABS plastic. Product Type, Cable stripper.  
  eBay Listings : Installation Tools    
CAT5 UTP CABLE STRIPPER-CUTTER RJ-45 or COAX, $7.99 $9.00, -, 6d 00h 02m. Disposable 110 Impact Tool W/ cable stripper! $1.99, -, 5d 20h 24m.  
  Harris Introduces New Line of Pro2000TM    
The Pro2000 Coax Stripper and the Pro2000 Cable Stripper 25 are professional quality strippers and the Coax Stripper and the Cable Stripper are their  
  Abeco Tools    
Cable Strippers. Image, Description. CC Series Cable Cutters / Stripper Specialty Cable Cutters. MK01A Outer Jacket Cable Stripper. MK02 Round Cable Stripper.  
  Tools & Cable Tester from Cable4PC    
Selling RJ45 crimping tool, RG58 crimping tool, coaxial cable stripper, 110/66 punch down tool and cable tester for coaxial & UTP cable.  
Order. Modular Telephone Duplex Adapter, $1, S&H $8, Order. Coax Cable Stripper, $12, S&H $8, Order. Hex Crimp Tool, $14, S&H $8, Order. Digisat  
  Tool Finder    
Secondary Distribution, WS_62-U, WS 62-U: Adjustable Cable Stripper. Primary Distribution (Overhead), WS_64U, WS 64-U: Adjustable Cable Stripper.  
  Automation Electronics is manufacturer and distributor of ...    
Will cut copper or aluminum cable up to 600MCM or a diameter of 1.77”. $100.00. Ideal Rotary Power Cable Stripper "With Accessory's". Cat #45-009E. $150.00.  
  Satellite STUFF & Accessories..    
$29.95 - FREE* Shipping. Coax Cable Stripper - $24.95 - FREE* Shipping, Coax Cable Stripper - $24.95 - FREE* Shipping. RG-6 Coax Cable  
  SureNet Communications - Computers & Accessories    
Coaxial 3 Blade Cable Stripper · Used for stripping cables: RG58, RG59, or RG62 · 3 Blade Model · Fast and easy to use Sku:7109. - Free Market    
UTP/STP Cable Stripper 1975, UTP/STP Cable Stripper The Cyclops™ is suitable for stripping most types of networking cable including UTP, STP cable, IBM  
  Pneumatic Cable Stripper    
e-mail: ? MAIN MODEL 71A Pneumatic Cable Stripper The Model 71A is a fully adjustable Pneumatic bench top wire stripper designed to efficiently strip or 71A NBG.html  
  1066 Bench Top Cable Stripper    
Coastel Cable Tools Intl Corp. is a designer and manufacturer of hand-held portable (battery powered or optional AC/DC powered) Coaxial Cable and Wire Strippers and High Volume Bench Top  
  Coastel Cable Tools - strippers, cutters, accessories for coaxial and semi rigid cable and wire    
Coastel Cable Tools Intl Corp. is a designer and manufacturer of hand-held portable Manufacturer of the HAND-HELD BATTERY OPERATED CABLE STRIPPER PORT-a-STRIP Welcome to the Coastel  
  Cat 5 Cable Jacket Stripper    
Happ Controls Online Catalog: Cat 5 Cable Jacket Stripper Cat 5 Cable Jacket Stripper Designed for Cat 5/5E cables only Will not knick inner conductors Long life blade Durable high  
  Round Cable Slitter/Stripper    
Happ Controls Online Catalog: Round Cable Slitter/Stripper Round Cable Slitter/Stripper Slits/strips round cables Use on Coax or Cat 5 cables Range: 0.18" - 1.0" diameter Adjustable  
  Cable Stripper    
CABLE STRIPPER With 3 different channels, cables having different diameters between 2-90 mm are stripped. 1. Channel: Cables with a for stripping thin cables. Cable Stripper (Please click on  
  CATV Coax Cable Stripper Tool    
Telecom Data Management and High Speed Data Solutions, Fiber Optic and Switches / Routers  
  UTP Cable Stripper Tool    
Telecom Data Management and High Speed Data Solutions, Fiber Optic and Switches / Routers  
  Cable Stripper copy.eps Stripper - Internet PDF.pdf  
  Technical Bulletin - The Portable Coaxial Cable Stripper    
THE PORTABLE COAXIAL CABLE STRIPPER This handy portable unit makes stripping coaxial cable simplicity itself. Designed for fast, easy and accurate stripping of coaxial cables, the unit strips  
  Cable cutter, crimping tool, coaxial stripper    
connectors. Cable Cutter, Crimping Tools, Coaxial Stripper. Cable Cutter up to 12 mm US $ 5.25 Item: SW 1 Order Quantity: alternative energy by John Drake Services, Inc.    
photovoltaic modules, natural light, pv solar panels, Siemens Solar photovoltaic modules, BP Solar pv modules, quick strip, cable stripper, economy sine wave  
  TechCraft® Tools - Product List    
Tools. Product ID, Description. ZWS3. Coaxial Twist/Crimp Cable Stripper (3-Blades). ZBNC. Coaxial Crimp Tool (RG-58/59/62). ZCRJ11CT. RJ11  
  Installation Tools, Part 1    
Pro Coax RG6 & RG59 F Connector Crimping Tool. Heavy Duty Pro Crimp Tool. RG6 & RG59 Cable Stripper. Economy RG6 & RG59 Crimp Kit. 66 Block Punch Down Tool  
  Flat Telephone Cable    
Use our FlatCat™ cutter/stripper to prep the flat cable before crimping it with a 1300 series crimp tool or our new CrimpALL and one of our interchangeable  
  Cables Unlimited    
2250 Tools, Stripper, Belden, Data Twist & Med This simple to use cable stripper easily cuts away the jacket from unshielded or shielded twisted pair cable.  
  Coxial Cable Stripper    
NEW COAXIAL CABLE STRIPPER BY GARDNER BENDER. MILWAUKEE (DECEMBER 2001) - Gardner Bender has introduced the new Coaxial Cable Stripper  
85-264 VAC power input G Designed and manufactured in USA G One year warranty (excludes wear items) CX-2000 Programmable Coaxial Cable Stripper Catalog 1654215  
Coastel Cable Tools Port-A-Strip Coax Cable Stripper, Coastel Cable Tools Port-A-Strip Coax Cable Stripper The Port-A-Strip will help you save time and money  
  Electronic Contract Manufacturing: LeeMAH Electronics    
Eraser Insulation Stripper; Eubanks Automatic Cable Cutters; Eubanks Wire Stripping Equipment; Schlevninger Coaxial Wire Stripper; Wire Wrap Equipment.  
  Tecra Tools Site Map    
Crimper • Punchdown Tools • Data T Cable Cutter • Parallel Action Pliers • Ideal Twisted Pair Stripper • Economy UTP Cable Stripper • 3M ESD Field  
pins. COAXIAL CABLE STRIPPER 84-182-1 This easy to use cable stripper is suitable for RG58 and RG59 coaxial cable. Two separate  
  Home Theater Connections - BDCABLE    
$14.54. For connecting a powered subwoofer to A/V components such as receivers. Coax Cable Stripper. Canare TS100E. 5 in 1 Coaxial Cable Stripper. Cable Crimp Tool.  
  Eclipse tool kits page    
UTP cable stripper/ 110 insertion tool. 25 RJ-45 8P8C plugs for solid wire. Rotary Coaxial Cable Stripper. Cable Cutter - up to 0.40" Diameter. - Free Market    
  Manual Outer Jacket Cable Stripper - CS2000    
CS2000 - MANUAL CABLE STRIPPER LOW COST, OUTER JACKET STRIPPER FOR CABLES UP TO 30.5mm O.D. DATA SHEET 10 The CS2000 is a robust bench Forwards to Open Blades. Lay Cable on Cable Rest and  
  Cable Stripper    
Universal Cable Stripper (PNTUST501) Quickly and professionally strips insulation off UTP and CO-AX cable, ideal to use when preparing to use crimp fit connectors Pictures Technical Information  
  Coaxial Cable Stripper from Cable4PC    
Coaxial Cable Stripper. Cable 4 PC Coaxial Cable Stripper ( Item # U-105 / $16.00 ) Tel (732) 494-3444 Fax (732) 549-6447 Computer & Network Service, Inc. D/B/A Cable 4 PC 1 Winter Street  
  CT-420 : Coaxial Cable Stripper - RG58/59/RG6    
CT-420 : Coaxial Cable Stripper - RG58/59/RG6 : Strips Ethernet, A/V, CATV and other coaxial type cable. Variable strip Strippers - Coaxial Coaxial Cable Stripper - RG58/59/RG6 CT  
  UTP/STP Cable Stripper (45-165)    
This lighweight, compact stripper is inexpensive and simple to operate. Adjustable blades can be pair wire, tightly wrapped stranded cables, CATV cable, CB antenna cable, SO, SJ, SJT, and
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