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The stuff I used is called "Dad's Paint and Varnish remover." I've also heard of "Airplane Stripper", but this shit's strong! DO  
paint over. So my dad and I went to PPG and got some paint stripper spray specifically designed for fiberglass. This stuff works  
Paint Stripper: I prefer using Dad's Easy Spray. It seems to work on almost any finish doesn't seem to harm or discolor the wood or raise the grain.  
by highly noxious fumes and succumbed to his death having fallen into a tank of chemical paint stripper. Like perhaps so many other employees, my dad had the  
  17x9 instr    
Paint or stain and topcoat can be such as: • Bix Quick Stripper ™ • Bix Tuff Job ™ , • Savogran SuperStrip ™ • Kutzit ™ • Dad’s Easy  
  Grappa Review - "Getta Grappa yourself, Dad ! - Updated"    
Getta Grappa yourself, Dad ! - Updated. 1 Chardonnay erhaps somewhat reminiscent of paint-stripper in odour, the rawest of the three.  
  Building it back up again    
ordinary oven cleaner can be used as a good paint stripper. definitely last even longer with a nice covering of paint. it will do is from my dad's house to  
  Craig's 1956 Chevy 210    
one weekend a month, when I can go in for the weekend, and Dad has been we stripped all the old paint off of the body with a chemical paint stripper (and some  
  Antique Radio Classified    
at it and gave me two cans of flexible bumper paint stripper. it back to Matt to see if he could paint it, but He grew up with electronics, as his dad, a radar  
For large jobs, use a rotary paint stripper from an auto parts store. Another method is a chemical stripper. Personally, I prefer "Dad's Stripper"; you apply  
  Therma-Tru Product Manual    
Paint on Classic-Craft or Fiber-Classic Doors HINT the following stripper brands: 3-M Safest Stripper, as well as chloride-based strippers such as Dad’s Easy  
  1BAD55 - 1981-82 Hot Rod Heaven    
I used several gallons of paint stripper to remove the many shoreline beige (one of the toughest layers of paint). My dad soon took an interest in the project  
  Arcadia flyer    
Paint or stain and topcoat can be removed with most methylene chloride based strippers such as Dad's Easy Strip, Bix Tough, Bix Stripper, or Savogran Super  
  Yahoo! Autos : old-chevy-truck Messages : Message 7710 of 12567    
Best stripper I've used is "Tal-Strip Paint Remover cans in a color near to > the current paint, which is and my daughter, 6, kept > saying "Hey, Dad, look at me  
  Rennovation- Living room    
again and used a combination of razor blades and dental tools (thanks Mom and Dad!). More stripper and steel wool for the original stain and last bit of paint.  
  The Spyder Project    
It took my dad and I two 12 hour days ( ie 48 man hours ) to complete the entire paint stripping job Because the stripper did not remove the primer, the primer  
  The Combine    
a friend who is a paint sprayer bought some paint stripper and sand weeks of breathing in dust an d stripper the bike a problem time to call in my dad who used  
  Home Deconstruction - Women    
Home DeconstructionI grew up in a family where Mom—not Dad—reigned as the Grand Poobah of domestic repairs. Liquid paint stripper also runs vertically.  
  Fresh Hell: The Journal: June 2002 Archives    
But Jim's dad found a table on the side of the road that was in now that with all of the money I spent on the stripper/steel wool/scraper/paint/brushes/rags  
  Antique Trunk Refinishing Services    
Well, maybe not honored, maybe more like covered in paint stripper but happy. Don't we just love using that smelly goo to remove the paint your Dad put on  
dad how to refinish it, since he had built many wooden sculptures. Here is the recipe he gave me. Remove the paint using a toothbrush and either paint stripper  
  paint job from hell    
2: My step dad was off from work (he was doing the actual painting, i did sanding/body work). So we get more paint, some extra supplies, and paint stripper for  
  Winged Warriors/National B-Body Owners Association - Special ...    
Tracy Ewing of Salem, Ohio and a crew of talented guys including dad Jim Ewing, father-in-law Don Paint stripper turns the paint to the consistency of glue!".  
  Resene Paints: MSDS - Dad's Easy Spray    
IDENTIFICATION. Product Name: DAD'S EASY SPRAY, MADE IN USA. Other Names: Description: TOXIC LIQUID, ORGANIC, NOS. Uses: Spray-on Paint Stripper.  
  Restore an Antique Slot Machine Cabinet    
Use a quality paint stripper. I like "Dad's" brand, it comes with a plastic spray bottle to apply it evenly, no more pooling, less waste, and less areas that  
  Dad's Stripper    
Bob Vila's Message Board ] [ Archive ] [ FAQ ]Subject Title: Dad's Stripper Posted by Steve Smith on October 03, 2002 at 18:33:01 In Reply to: Dad's paint & varnish remover posted by Jonique on  
  Dad's paint & varnish remover    
Archive ] [ FAQ ]Subject Title: Dad's paint & varnish remover Posted by your help!!Follow Ups: Dad's Stripper - Steve Smith Oct 3, 2002 at 06:33 Dad' Stripper - Andy Nov 11, 2002 at 04  
  Dad' Stripper    
Vila's Message Board ] [ Archive ] [ FAQ ]Subject Title: Dad' Stripper Posted by Andy on November 11, 2002 at 16:55:12 In Reply to: Dad's paint & varnish remover posted by Jonique on September 07  
  Stripping paint off fish    
melt the fish blank. I use a stripper called "Dad's Easy Spray" this product works equally well on skin your auto-parts store, if they sell automotive paint they should have "paint and decal  
  Removing bottom paint from classic 16 - Classic Whaler Forum    
red. It had to go! I used a paint stripper made for bottom paint. (I don't remember the brand on my 69 Nauset back in 93. I used "Dad's" paint remover I think at the time - my favorite for  
  Paint it Noir by Kathryn Kulpa    
Paint It Noir: Classic Crime Fiction By Kathryn Kulpa ?In hero a peep at a suicidal stripper: There were the breasts Doree is a burned-out ex-husband, deadbeat dad, and former ad man  
  Fresh Hell: The Journal: The Tale of the Table    
because they are big and fancy. But Jim's dad found a table on the side of the with all of the money I spent on the stripper/steel wool/scraper/paint/brushes/rags, I could have just bought a Conservative Columnists: Debra Saunders    
May 24, 2002 The bible and the stripper The worst part about the Letters to the editor paint Silvas' critics as censorious a harsh spotlight while the dad remains happily anonymous  
  Untitled Web Page    
forgotten. "It was a big shock when dad died. years. A fire started there on Monday afternoon when workmen were using a paint stripper gun.  
And it was nice to have my dad visit and have something to do with him difficult to eat, but probably toxic, what with the residue of the paint stripper and the  
  6Ts Scootering Tales    
spent listening to Radio London applying the stripper and rubbing Also in those days we had to paint white walls on album, and the fact that my Dad had several  
  Mercury Books: Bones in the New Millennium and Other Stories by ...    
In the old days," he tells me, "my dad carved horses for Marcus Illions.". Gus hands me a worn shop apron, a soft cloth, and a small can of paint stripper.  
  Page 8 of Our 1941 John Deere Model B Tractor Restoration Story    
dealer in Litchfield, Illinois, and visited with Bill Timmermann, who's dad, Mel Timmermann Wal-Mart to buy some rust converter and auto paint stripper for the  
  Chat Archives    
Hi Charles, My dad worked for the New York Times for over 40 years and If that is the case, the clear must be removed with paint stripper, and then repolished.  
  Resurrection ! ! ! !    
have to cover the engine with a paint stripper or paint a lacquer-based primer, then a lacquer paint and then with my bs when I was frustrated (Dad, Jim, Ellis  
  Textiles FAQ Part 2 of 2    
her treadle and it had been stored for 40 years in my Dad's workshop so Then I used very mild paint stripper (3M special gel-type) to remove the varnish from  
  Muscle Car 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner Project Car- ...    
Steve and his Dad Don use this method even on metal because of its water just pulling it off by hand and removing the old glue with paint stripper and grinding  
  Thoughts on Restoring a Morgan Getting StartedThoughts on ...    
large areas, this high speed wire wheel does a better job than paint stripper. I purchased an inexpensive one for $40 from Harbor Freight. My dad borrowed and  
  Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Craftsman 1/4 Inch Palm Grip ...    
First I used paint stripper and got off the excess old paint, and then plugged this Nothing has ever been broken on this one that my dad has so far  
  Manufacturer Links/Paint & Supplies    
Parks. Shellac, stripper, furniture refinisher, thinner, kerosene, acetone. Performance Coatings. Rustoleum. Spray paint, primer. Sanshers (Dad’s). EZ spray.  
  Write At Home    
My Dad even replaced the tin on the bottom of the flour bins. Also how Jesus’ blood is like the paint stripper, washing away our sins.  
  NL 0601    
Bob, my Dad, and I have been working for a couple of days to destroy Some paint stripper and elbow grease revealed at least 5 different colors, on the inside  
  Lake Cumberland Community - powered by XMB    
glossy fiberglass surface, you might try a paint stripper product (one safest method is to sand the heaviest paint with 400 It used to be my dad's boat and he  
  The Wee Barn    
had been involved in an industrial accident involving large quantities of paint stripper about a When I finally got home late that night, my Dad asked how Ted  
  Military-Vehicles: Re: [MV] Paint removal    
I have used paint stripper (Dad's0 on my rubber moulding to remove the paint and have had no trouble. I usually do it in seveal  
and she says 'what?!' and im like dad has a so i go downstairs again and finally find the stripper on the so there i was peeling perfect stips of paint off my  
  The Story of Margaret Maytag    
and cleaned the fuel inlet screen of years of accumulated gum using paint stripper, oven cleaner Jennifer said, "Dad, now I understand why you like this so much Conservative Columnists: Debra Saunders    
Letters to the editor paint Silvas' critics as censorious daughter in school if Silvas quit being a stripper. a harsh spotlight while the dad remains happily  
  Orwell Police Newsletter    
This is John's Dad Revd Peter Sutton talking about John's Grandfather Angus Sutton vehicle had its window smashed and the other had paint stripper poured over  
  Media UK forums - Tab Clear    
I remember being confused as a kid in the 1980's when my Dad would refer I seem to remember it being easily confused with paint stripperand it was the one  
  Tough Pigs -- My Summer with Farscape    
weed; it makes you wonder why nobody ever thought to hunt it down and use it as a weapon, or a paint-stripper, instead of Basically, he says, who's the dad?  
  Complete Court Restoration    
Here we are laying the stripper. Lay Stripper.jpg (47791 bytes). Final touch-up of paint. (A special thank you to Kathleen's dad for his help!).  
  Mail Thread Index    
s)> Re: The list, a side note, Canal Street Tavern, and my dad, TYoder. Re: World Revolving, Sarah Herr. adventures with paint stripper, rhys daily: i need some  
  HOME - Whispers Online Magazine for Women. Women's careers, style ...    
Dad, you want me to do what?" After taking the cupboards down, stripping off the old wallpaper, tearing To remove the remaining stripper & paint after each  
  Frank Wharton's 66 Cyclone    
Paint stripper isn't actually cutting it, so it looks like I'll be getting on of those 8 The pic of the hood is the result of my great old Dad hearing a guy  
  July 2002 Newsletter from the Maritime and Yachting Museum of the ...    
working on Big Blue, and recently applied paint stripper to the he understands that by stripping the paint we get My Dad was a carpenter and had spent quite a  
  Float About, Float, Floaty Pen Newsletter #2    
I am still touching up paint on the table mounts, but the movie, Brad Pitt carried a stripper pen. Stripper pens have been around for ages. A pen often hidden in Dad's desk drawer and not to  
  paint removers and wall paper removers in paint & supplies and other related products at    
information about the paint removers and wall paper 49/each Safest Stripper™ Paint And Varnish Remover Effectively $18.19/gal Dad's Easy Spray™ Paint Remover Professional strength paint  
  Resene Paints: MSDS - Dad's Easy Spray    
Resene Paints - Material Safety Data Sheet for Dad's Easy Spray TOXIC LIQUID, ORGANIC, N.O.S. Uses:Spray-on Paint Stripper Classification of Hazardous Nature:Hazardous according to NZ  
  Re: i need some strippers    
> My dad is a stripper. _________________________________________________________________ Chat with OtR/ Prev by Date: Re: adventures with paint stripper Next by Date: Re: i need some strippers  
  1979 Chevrolet Malibu Classic 2-door    
owner by covering it with chemical stripper, and what didn't come off was wheels / tires / brakes TBD --- Pending Dad and I have done a lot to the car. The paint and bodywork is more-or  
  Re: Flat spot on EFI?    
the piston rings are damaged due to the paint stripper type chemicals used in the on car system which out of the car mr informed???Im not saying what your dad does is bad its just a good way to  
  WWWedge Gallery, TR7V8 Hillclimber of Ian Ellison (UK)    
last two "features"; an oil catch tank, simply an old 1 litre paint stripper tin strapped novice and a guy who had raced the sprint last year - his dad was in  
  Great Floridian Triathlon Discussion -November 4-10, 2000    
now. My guess is she'll want me to come home for lunch so she can use that paint stripper stuff right away. CYA when I CYA E-Dad. Forum - Seat and paint restoration    
have used them since I bought the car from my Dad, who had strip off the old finish using lacquer thinner, commercial paint remover, or some other stripper.  
  Idiots at the Controls    
Meanwhile, my dad dug up an old wire stripper of my I gave dad the dimensions I got from Lanzer's page (see the After that, I'm going to paint and varnish the  
  New Page 1    
it gold, it having been partially prepared using paint stripper. the workshop roof, and yes the paint had instantly Dad even with his handicap could do almost  
  Page 12    
He had grown up here, and he lived his life here and contended with his mom and dad as infrequently as I've got a pretty good odorless paint stripper here," he  
  Shtick! Book Recommendation: "Naked" - David Sedaris    
Oregon, his dad tricking him into attending a golf tournament, his mom & sister fancying themselves as private detectives, his time as a paint stripper or the  
  AsOnTV Search Result    
Multi-Stripper: (Tools & Hardwares, Only $12.95) Quickly Remove Layers Of Housewares, Tools & Hardwares, $17.95) The Paint Roller that Dad has big shoes to fill    
I talked to dad, selling it seems the best option Big Sis:There's an idea, maybe I should just steal Didn't know you had a name for your paint stripper, T-Boy!  
  Daniel's Journal    
paint. Spent about 4 hours w/ Dad's paint stripper, an old toothbrush, a bunch of rags and 1420 am working on removing this crap. I  
  Karl's Homepage    
I used a torch because my dad took his heatgun back when he was house sitting for me This torch put out WAY more heat than the paint stripper gun ever could.  
  Marshall Amplification - Reader's Amps Volume 9    
I love my Marshalls, my Dad got me into the guitar scene before I I tried many different soft chemicals to remove the paint but finally used paint stripper!  
  Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Luxardo Sambuca dei Cesari ...    
This is due to their severity in strength and paint stripper-like tendencies related to mental scars from teenage experiences with their dad's drinks cabinet  
  ArtCrop2000: Index of Artists    
image download 54Kb, Jaisen Yates My Dad's Got a Grinder oil, paint stripper, steel, acrylic on canvas 1220 x 1524mm University of Northumbria at Newcastle.  
  Creating a Monster of Your Own    
applications of Citrus Strip, a bio-degradable and user friendly paint stripper, I finally as I'm starting to feel good about my own handiwork, Dad comes along  
  Opinions Archive    
with C ) A daughter's view (Member Advice on Being a Good Dad) I cant Time) The Hottest version yet (HoTMetaL Pro 6) Perfume or Paint Stripper (Little Black  
  Australia's Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services ...    
attack which is triggered by the smoke from their mum or dad's cigarettes.". smoke are better known around the home as floor cleaner, paint stripper, ant poison  
  Bitter Hag - Bathroom Remodel Redux    
The online journal of a Bitter Hag night so I could help him paint at his house. Dad insisted I take the dog with me cabinet after using a chemical stripper on it. This removed all the  
  Online Stores, Shops and Malls , ...Gifts & Flowers Related, Care ...    
idea for teen thank you gift idea birthday gift gift for dad annual flower AAA Balloons collectible etc perennial flower mother day gift paint stripper as seen  
  BETTER THAN LIFE... Books    
It was neat how Rimmer, inadvertantly save his crew member's lives by flying in on the paint stripper. I liked where Michael and Rimmer's, or "Dad's" eyes met  
  Anne Ch 2    
We found some paint stripper and tried huffing it but it was really harsh and gave us one, and by the end of October I was out and living with my dad in Ocean  
  My 1949 Plymouth Restoration    
My Dad came up with an idea that he thought would work. For the smaller parts I used some aircraft stripper. It takes the paint off in 5 minutes!    
After a while, you'd have to scrape off all the old paint, and that took forever. Then our dad bought some paint stripper, this really intense paint stripper. | Forums: Complaints: I'm unhappy. And I want to ...    
I believe it includes things like paint stripper, cyanide, carbon monoxide (or is that a Another thing that really scares me is that my Dad has emphesema(sp  
  1936 Plymouth Coupe Street Rod    
I'd park it in Dad's garage over the winter and Why does GM paint their Magnesium valve covers? A little stripper, sand paper and buffing, makes for a perfect  
  Untitled Document    
Note: Use the proper tool for the job - not your dad's prized screwdrivers the trick is: heat the complete assembly slowly using a paint-stripper gun, or in an  
of July 1994, to an industrial-strength paint stripper, combined with several other variables into a the toxic exposure, my wife Cindy called my Dad, who came right over. I was raving madly    
treatment, methylene chloride based paint stripper, lacquer thinner for cleaning and thinning the out to bare metal as repairs proceeded.It took my dad and I two 12 hour days ( ie 48 man  
  Philco Model 41-221 Tabletop Radio (1941)    
Radio (1941) Next My Dad owns this charming little wooden not to rub away the gold paint in these letters. Not much and sides with Citri-Strip stripper, an orange gel that's easy  
  Repainting fish    
repaint for a surprise to my dad, but don't know where to Do I strip off the old paint, or paint over it? If so, do I I want to try WASCOS fish stripper next, it sounds like it might -- journal    
ready to paint tomorrow morning, except I can't figure out where the paint stripper is It would seem that Dad and I, and possibly some others, will be going to  
  Local News and Sports    
Michael and his mom were accompanied by his dad, Charlie, and brother Department requests the purchase of a hand-propelled airless paint stripper from Paving  
With my Dad's heat gun (which is actually meant for stripping paint off of walls) I simply put Of course you don't have to have a paint stripper to get it warm
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