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  Stegath Coachcraft: Fiberglass - paint removal    
that is "safe" on fiberglass. Most automotive paint stores carry, or can get, a paint stripper that is designed for fiberglass.  
  Stegath Coachcraft: Painting problems - Wrong paint stripper on ...    
I hate to use you as an example, but your problem is an example of what happens when a paint stripper is used that is not "safe" for fiberglass.  
varnishes. Sea Hawk Marine Paint Stripper will not damage gel coat or fiberglass. It does not pit or corrode aluminum or other metals.  
  AmeriStrip Paint Stripper for Lead abatement, wood boat ...    
The AmeriStrip ® paint stripper is a biodegradable, water washable non-caustic and epoxy resin coating from structural metal, cement, fiberglass, wood, mica  
  Ready Strip furniture paint varnish stripper    
Ready Strip paint and varnish stripper can be used on metal, brick, marble, fiberglass, formica, delicate plaster moldings. Ready  
  Klean-Strip Fiberglass Stripper    
Fiberglass Paint Stripper. Specially formulated to remove paint from fiberglass; Water washable; Great vertical cling; Effectively removes anti-fouling paints.  
  Paints, Coatings, Cleaners, Brushes, Epoxy, Fiberglass Repair ...    
and topside coatings, the stripper can be used safely on fiberglass, gelcoat or A 5-gallon pail of the new Sea Hawk Marine Paint Stripper retails for about $200 : RESTORATION PRODUCTS    
Fiberglass is safe… Will not harm fiberglass gel coats STRIPPER, WOOD STRIPPER BLUE LIGHTNING - WOOD STRIPPER-1-QUART · Spray on paint stripper… No Brushing  
  Star 10 Paint Stripper Products    
As a follow up to Phase 1 Semi-Paste when removing paint, Phase 2 Liquid Stripper will clean any remaining Paint mixing machine. Wood, fiberglass & metals.  
  Star 10 Paint Stripper That Works Testimonials    
Beverly Bolles Bleitz, Wisconsin, on fiberglass and teak restoration on her 32 Send us your comments and/or questions on Star 10's Paint Stripper That Works!®  
  Paint Stripper    
Their stripper uses hydrogen peroxide as the active and the residue contains only water, oxygen and paint. automotive market for use on steel and fiberglass.  
  Klean Strip Product Line    
Deep Down Stripper; Fiberglass Paint Stripper; Graffiti Remover; Heavy Bodied Paint Remover; Klean-Kutter Varnish Remover; Klean-Kutter  
  Dolphinite's Go Fast Bottom Paint    
Consider using a chemical stripper that is formulated for fiberglass; Dolphinite Go Fast Marine Paint Stripper is recommended for every strip job.  
  Boatbuilding Community: Construction_Materials    
Stripper - Ameristrip is a non-methylene Chloride gel paint stripper that is We serve the marine industry by providing resins, fillers, fiberglass, tools and  
  203-af354q PAINT STRIPPER    
  Ultra-Strip paint stripper remover product label    
Will not damage fiberglass or a gel-coat. a rule of thumb, the greater the layers of paint, the longer The stripper will usually remove 8-12 layers of paint in  
  Flitz Metal Polish Fiberglass & Paint Restorer    
Other solid surfaces include Fiberglass, Acrylic, Tile, Marble, Granite, Ceramic, Corian, Plexiglas The lacquer must be removed with a stripper and then the  
  Fiberglass Paint Stripper 6804/ III-7    
PRODUCT NUMBER AND NAME 6804 Fiberglass Paint Stripper. Fiberglass Paint Stripper 6804/ N III-7  
Page 1. Lift OffTM PAINT & GASKET STRIPPER TECHNICAL INFORMATION USE LIFT-OFF ON: Metal/Glass/Fiberglass/Urethane Auto Parts/Wood/Flexible and Rigid Parts.  
  StripMasters, Inc. - Plastic Media Blasting    
When used on fiberglass, the paint can be removed without damaging the gel-coat. Plastic media blasting leaves the paint stripper more options and flexibility  
  POR-15 Rust Preventive Paint - Stop Rust Permanently    
POR-15 Paint Remover/Stripper will NOT Tape, Wood, Glue, Veneer, Rubber*, Leather**, Brass, Steel, Plaster Walls, Wicker, Aluminum, Factory Fiberglass.  
  K & E Coating Remover Safety Paint Stripper and Graffiti Remover ...    
It is safe to use on any form of glass, metal, masonry, plaster and fiberglass. manufactures another paint stripper formula called DBX.  
  West Marine eBay Store    
16:41. Stickit Sanding Discs 75 Pack Gold Disc, $20.11, Mar-23 15:46. Fiberglass Paint Stripper - Gal, $8.37, Mar-23 15:21. FASCO Wood  
  fiberglass paint stripper    
Vila's Message Board ] [ Archive ] [ FAQ ]Subject Title: fiberglass paint stripper Posted by billy chaney on October 14, 2002 at one of the best paint stripper on the market today is  
  Aircraft Spruce Aviation Catalog    
20-11, ZOLATONE PAINT APOLLO GRAY, $55.250, 20-196, TEMPO PAINT STRIPPER 20-196, $5.700, Info. 09-42225, FLITZ FIBERGLASS/PAINT RESTORE, $13.500, Info.  
  POR-15 PAINT REMOVER/STRIPPER - Product Directions and Cautions    
POR-15 Paint Over Rust. Perfect for rusty metal. Auto, car, household, appliances Plaster Walls, Wicker, Aluminum, Factory Fiberglass. POR-15 Paint Remover/Stripper WILL damage or remove the following  
POR-15 of Texas Carries a Complete line of POR-15 Products, Stop RUST with POR-15 Walls, Wicker, Aluminum, Factory Fiberglass. POR-15 Paint Remover/Stripper WILL damage or remove the following  
  Repainting Pease Fiberglass/Carbon Doors    
or 100% acrylic latex paint on your fiberglass door. (Note: Acrylic latex paint have found to be effective on our fiberglass doors. You may use a chemical stripper, as long as it is not  
  Strip-Tox abatement lead paint removal stripper    
Strip-Tox abatement lead paint removal stripper is a revolutionary new paint remover that combines brick, plaster, masonry, stone, concrete, and fiberglass, etc. BTN Strip-Tox will not - FLITZ® Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer ...    
Use acetone or lacquer stripper to remove coating. Fiberglass/Paint Tip On large fiberglass and paint surface applications, FLITZ® can be applied and removed  
  Re: Fiberglass Paint Removal    
I'd look at a chemical stripper or since you want to do it yourself - ** SANDPAPER Prev by Date: Off to VTR; Next by Date: RE: Fiberglass Paint Removal; Index(es  
  best way to remove paint from fiberglass : RC Universe! The ...    
of mine tried using paint stripper a while back and disolved his fuse. :eek: Russ. Miniair, Soak it in brake fluid, won't hurt epoxyglass, fiberglass, or plastic  
Paint Stripper/Remover. AWAY MARINE SAFETY STRIP is an environmentally safe paint remover used for the removal of bottom paint from fiberglass, wood and  
  DBX Safety Paint Stripper and Sealer Remover Description    
DBX Safety Paint Stripper and Sealer Remover Description Like paint strippers that contain methylene chloride of masonry, metal, glass, plaster and fiberglass.  
  BVM Perma-Grit Tools    
They are tough enough to cut piano wire as well as fiberglass, plastics, all Cleaning We recommend using a DIY paint stripper because it is a much stronger  
store. Try a little patch first. If the paint is very hard, paint stripper made for fiberglass surfaces may not touch it. I have TM Your search is over    
  Paints & Coatings    
Squeak'n Clean Products Cleaners - Water Sport Remover. Star 10 TM Paint Stripper that works! TM. TAP Plastics Provides fiberglass, plastic and signage products.  
  Stripping Supplies and Tools Wood Working Supplies    
The irregular shape of this fine Easy Stripper tool makes of latex, oil, lead-based paint, some epoxies metal, plaster, brick, stone, and fiberglass more details  
  ListStuf.asp fred    
Sea Hawk Paints Antifouling paints primers epoxies fiberglass resins and authorized 3M Marine distributor Sea Hawk Yacht Star 10 Paint Stripper That Works!  
Developed for stripping multiple layers of paint and varnish from fiberglass, wood and steel surfaces, Dolphinite Marine Paint and Varnish Stripper (Semi-Paste  
For quick removal of modern marine finishes — epoxy, polyurethane, baked enamels, synthetic coatings, fiberglass and others. RETURN TO PAINT STRIPPER MENU.  
  Catalina 27- Prepping the cabintop for new hardware; repairing ...    
I gave up on that. I had a quart of Jabsco Paint Stripper, which cautions you not to use it on Fiberglass or gelcoat but I must  
  Spra' Strip    
to achieve the chemical balance between paint and stripper. Spra' Strip should remove 3-6 coats of paint. reached the primer, metal, wood or fiberglass surface'%20Strip.htm  
  POR-15 Rust Preventive Paint - POR-15® Stripper and Solvent    
POR-STRIP®. POR-STRIP ® Paint Remover/Stripper is a clear spray-on remover POR-STRIP ® is non acidic and will not harm aluminum or factory fiberglass.  
concrete, brick, stone, masonry, marble, metal and fiberglass, etc. Do you really understand the difference between paint strippers? It's a Safer stripper.  
  York Auto Supply, Yorkton SK Canada    
Proform: Paint stripper, fiberglass repair kits, plastic repair, rustproofing material, seam sealer soundproofer, surface primers and sealers;.  
  Hotrodders Bulletin Board: How to strip a vette[paint]    
There is a special paint stripper designed for fiberglass that I got from the body supply shop and it stripped all layers of paint and primer down to the jell  
  Know a way to get paint off fiberglass fuse? : RC Universe! The ...    
Countryboy, Martin Senour 6804 fiberglass paint stripper works great and will not soften the glass. May take several coats, especially  
The TOOLDOG™ can also remove gelcoat from fiberglass boats. TOOLDOG™ Paint Stripper Features. Strips 1 sq. ft. in 15 seconds.  
  Industrial Paint & Powder - Roobol on Painting September 2000    
paint operations. Stripping Coatings From Fiberglass. What paint stripper would be most effective on fiberglass aircraft? Your best  
  Paints Plus-Your one stop Super Shop to savings!    
Hutchins Black & Decker Makita National Detroit Chicago Pneumatic Ingersoll-rand Blackhawk Motorguard Fiberglass Tools Auto Parts Paint Stripper, 3M Marine Sika  
  BoatU.S.: Powerboat Reports Gear Reviews and Articles    
Fiberglass Hull Restorers: Results of Our 21-month Report, Honey Teak Has Staying Power, Peel Away Still Most Effective Bottom Paint Stripper,  
  System IV    
Before starting the paint stripping process, remove any plastic parts that are readily removable, whether fiberglass or ABS. Paint stripper will damage them.  
  POR-15 PAINT REMOVER/STRIPPER - Product Description, Characteristics, FAQ    
POR-15 PAINT REMOVER/STRIPPER Steel, Plaster Walls, Wicker, Aluminum, Factory Fiberglass. POR-15 Paint Remover/Stripper WILL damage or remove the following: Tile, Linoleum, Asphalt  
  Live Aboard 0004: Re: lv-ab: paint stripper    
The navigation and cruising under sail community. Re: lv-ab: paint stripper Subject: Re: lv-ab: paint stripper From: Jim (de32@XXX and was "safe" on fiberglass. Highly recommend the carbide  
  Back To Nature Products    
scraper (commonly known as a wallpaper stripper) to lift bristle brush with After-Strip Paint Remover Wash 2. Fiberglass Surfaces – Use a putty knife to lift  
  Live Aboard 0102: RE: lv-ab: bottom paint stripper    
The navigation and cruising under sail community. lv-ab: bottom paint stripper Subject: RE: lv-ab: bottom paint stripper From: Bob to care weather it is paint or fiberglass so you do have to  
  DOLPHINITE | PAINT and VARNISH STRIPPER, 5 GALLON (HM) | 10705 from the ? on-line catalog.    
, ,PAINT and VARNISH STRIPPER, 5 GALLON (HM), by:DOLPHINITE,10705,(Semi-Paste) Developed for for stripping multiple layers of paint and varnish from fiberglass, wood and steel surfaces  
  Fort Worth Environmental Management - Household Hazardous Waste ...    
Paint stripper, Paint stripper (lye base), Paint thinner, Primer, Call Fort Worth Police Weapons Range 817-871-6563. Fiberglass epoxy, Fire extinguishers,  
  17x9 instr    
NOTE: Some products may warn, Not For Use on Fiberglass. Follow the paint stripper manufacturer’sdirections and cautions for correct use of the paint stripper  
Went out to the boat with belt sander in hand, smoothed the fiberglass applied to big day to bang around in the cabin on a previous day paint stripper had been  
  Re: [tartan-list] paint stripper    
coatings with NO damage to the fiberglass" ($109.95 for five gallons with RE: [tartan-list] paint stripper Next by thread: Re: [tartan-list] paint stripper Index(es): Date Thread Archives  
  1BAD55 - 1981-82 Hot Rod Heaven    
fortunately everything bolted together relatively easily once the fiberglass doghouse was gone I used several gallons of paint stripper to remove the many, many  
  RE: [tartan-list] paint stripper    
coatings with NO damage to the fiberglass" ($109.95 for five gallons with by thread: RE: [tartan-list] paint stripper Next by thread: Re: [tartan-list] paint stripper Index(es): Date Thread  
  Spectra Paint Centers - Paint Sundries    
Allpro - Fiberglass and Aluminum Extension Poles, Shurline Cleaner, Flood - Oil and Waterbase Paint Additives. Citrus-Strip - Non Methylene Chloride Stripper.  
  The following chart will help you determine the most effective ...    
Paint - model. Paint stains. Paint stripper. Paint stripper (lye base). Paint thinner. Primer. Give to someone who can use it. Fiberglass epoxy. Fire extinguishers.  
  Dolphinite's Go Fast Bottom Paint    
On bare wood, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, and plastic: de-wax by washing with Mineral Spirits or other commercial de To remove, use Dolphinite Paint Stripper.  
  Department of Sanitary Sewers Hazardous Waste    
Fertilizer, trash. Fiberglass Epoxy, hazardous. Floor Care Products, hazardous. Fuel Oil, hazardous. Paint Brush Cleaner w/TSP, drain. Paint Stripper- Lye base, drain.  
  Lancaster Aero - Refinishing Procedures    
stripped using an environmentally friendly non-hazardous paint stripper. After being washed off, any remaining paint is removed, the fiberglass pieces are  
  Plastic Media Blasting    
PMB for depainting certain types of materials (ie, fiberglass, certain composites approximately a 50 percent reduction in hazardous chemical paint stripper waste  
  030-Chemicals Permatex® Permatex® Decal & Paint Stripper ...    
10-11-01 Permatex® Plastic Cleaner Cleans most plastics, fiberglass, acrylics and Spout-top Can Permatex® Decal & Paint Stripper Quickly strips and removes  
  Strip Cat    
NOTE: DO NOT use on plastics, linoleum, fiberglass or other synthetics. (Do not attempt to use a rayon brush. They usually melt in paint stripper.).  
  A Citizen's Guide to Protecting Our Coasts - Page 35    
Paint (auto) Paint (model) Paint thinner Paint stripper Paint stripper (lye based Ammunition Artist's paints, mediums Dry cleaning solvents Fiberglass epoxy Gun  
  ISU - Central Stores - Catalog - Paint #4    
  Household Hazardous Waste Chart    
Paint thinner, Paint stripper, Paint stripper (lye base), Primer, Artists' painting media, Dry cleaning solvents, Fiberglass epoxy, Gun cleaning solvents,  
  "Spra-strip paint stripper, gallon "    
Spra strip achieves a complete chemical balance with paint on your fiberglass. Simply spray non-aerosol stripper on the car and paint can be removed in minutes  
paint over. So my dad and I went to PPG and got some paint stripper spray specifically designed for fiberglass. This stuff works  
  The Mother of All Maritime Links: Page 6 of 47    
Ten Paint Stripper Super Shipbottom Hard Ablative Anti-fouling Paint System Three (Epoxies) TAP Plastics (Epoxy and polyester resins, fiberglass fabrics) Tebb  
  Allen County Waste Watcher    
Paint thinner, Paint stripper (solvent), Paint stripper (lye based), Primer, Dry cleaning solvents, Fiberglass epoxy, Gun cleaning solvents, Lighter fluid, Moth balls,  
  Welcome to Sea Hawk Paints    
Poly-U-Foam. Marine Paint Stripper. Fiberglass Products: Fiberglass Cloth; Chopped Strand Mat; Woven Roving; Undirectional Woving; Biaxles.  
  Household Wastes Disposal, City and County of Honolulu    
Paint stripper. hazardous wastes service. Paint stripper (lye based). drain. Primer. hazardous wastes or recycling service. Fiberglass epoxy. hazardous wastes service.  
  dolphinite, inc. products    
Qty: FIBERGLASS SPRAY WAX 14 OZ, $16.95, $10.81 Save $6.14, DOLPHINITE, INC. Qty: PAINT STRIPPER 5 GALLON PAIL, $328.50, $209.32 Save $119.18, DOLPHINITE, INC.  
  Restore 4 Tile and Grout Cleaner    
Restore your fiberglass shower and see stains disappear right before your eyes Miracle Eraser Paint Stripper and Varnish Remover Removes old paint or stain with  
  Cleaners section    
Plastic Cleaner Cleans and polishes acrylic plastic surfaces, fiberglass, formica, enameled surfaces, ceramics Paint Stripper Quickly strips and removes paint.  
  Paint Sundries for Professional and DIY Painters - O-Gee Paint Co ...    
The stripper is applied to the surface and turns Add to latex paint to improve adhesion over chalky thinner and a cleaning agent for fiberglass resins, epoxies  
  Warbirds Resource Group - Modeller's Resource Center - Article    
in 70,71,65 with enamel the stripper didn't chopped, whittled and removed about 95 percent of the paint. product will be nearly as neat as fiberglass but 1/3  
  Products: Miscellaneous Shop Supplies    
Product # Sort, Product. 3M05838, 3M Fiberglass Cloth, 8 sq ft. SG375XL, SafeGrip Powder-Free Gloves-X-Large. SWA156, Paint Stripper (Aerosol) - Environmentally Safe.  
  BoatU.S.: Practical Sailor Gear Reviews and Articles    
Bottom Paints 2002, Fiberglass Hull Restorers : 21-month Report, Peel Away Still Most Effective Bottom Paint Stripper, Spring Maintenance: Antifouling Tests '99,  
  Stripper & Solvent    
Stripper & Solvent. Fix Rusty Metal, Stop Rust Permanently POR-STRIP® POR-STRIP ® Paint Remover/Stripper is a clear spray-on remover not harm aluminum or factory fiberglass. Quart w/spray bottle  
  Welcome to Star 10    
Paint Stripper That Works with no methylene chloride ® and watch as it lifts the paint and varnish for you. It strips wood, metals and fiberglass. That means you can use one product  
  Floor Stripper "Ultra" Specification Sheet    
Floor Stripper Ultra removes most solvent Rubber Nylon Polyester (Fiberglass) Polyethylene 30 minutes or less. Paint and Varnish Remover for Furniture: Floor Stripper "Ultra" does an  
  Floor Stripper 90 Specification Sheet    
Concentrated Floor Stripper 90 Coating Remover Rubber Nylon Polyester (Fiberglass) Polyethylene minutes or less. Paint and Varnish Remover for Furniture: Floor Stripper 90 does an excellent  
  paint removal from fiberglass    
not try a paint stripper as they will attack the fiberglass along with the for restoring the shine.Henry in MI Follow Ups: fiberglass paint stripper - billy chaney Oct 14, 2002 at 03:27 Post  
  TakeOFF Paint Stripper    
a manufacturer of paint strippers, coal be used to remove paint & coatings from wood, metal, brick, concrete, fiberglass, glass and stone new coating. Remove the stripper and coating  
  - Ask Dr. Paint -    
Glass Door - Randy Hybarger; stain & varnish new fiberglass entry door - DE tom johnson; vinyl paint - Roger Napier; : Inexpensive homade paint stripper - : steve;  
  West Marine eBay Store    
Video, Trailering Your Boat, $10.97, Mar-30 16:34. Fiberglass Paint Stripper - Gal, $10.83, Mar-30 15:19. Graphic T Shirt- Lighthouse XL, $9.90, Mar-30 16:39.  
  Concrete Cleaning, Repair and Protection System    
It is safe to use on any form of glass, metal, masonry, plaster and fiberglass, and because Floors EZKleen also has another paint stripper formula called DBX.  
  SWRC -- Household Hazardous Waste -- Paint Products    
Fiberglass and Epoxy Resin, Irritant, Mix resins and hardener,allow to react and solidify, then put in garbage. Unknown. Furniture and Paint Stripper,  
  Paint Stripping    
There is a special chemical stripper for fiberglass. Ask your local paint dealer. Chemical strippers should not be used on urethane plastic.
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