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Has anyone out there used the "silent paint stripper"? It is an infrared heat lamp that claims to remove layers of paint at the initial bonding point of the  
  The Silent Paint Remover paint stripper is fast and cheap    
SpeedHeater 1100 w/ Carrying Case Uses Infrared Heat to Soften Paint for Easy Removal Quantity: 1 Our Price: $410.00 I'll Take It! Mfg.  
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SpeedHeater 1100 w/ Carrying Case $410.00 I'll Take It! Ths Silent Paint Remover paint stripper uses infrared heat to soften paint for quick removal.  
  Re: Infrared Heat to remove Lead Paint    
Look down to my "TOH Stripper" thread which has links to that artical. Greg. Follow Ups: Re: Infrared Heat to remove Lead Paint Allie Wenzl 08:28:04 12/03/2002  
  Re: Infrared Heat to remove Lead Paint    
In Reply to: Re: Infrared Heat to remove Lead Paint posted by Greg on November Look down to my "TOH Stripper" thread which has links to that artical. : Greg.  
  Infrared Analysis of Paint Samples - by Sandberg    
infrared spectra. This information may be required for the purpose of over painting with a compatible paint system, selecting a suitable paint stripper to  
  Inactive JTEG Depot Maintenance Projects    
TITLE: Hot Tank Paint Stripper. NARRATIVE: Use FO-606 to remove paint, carbon, silicone rubber and sealant from parts. TITLE: Hughes Infrared. CODE: Completed.  
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Infrared paint stripper Silent Paint Remover IMG/Viking Sales Pittsford, NY 585-383-0740 Click here to visit our advertister.,13588,386353,00.html  
  This Old House | Stripped Bare    
Infrared paint stripper Silent Paint Remover IMG/Viking Sales Pittsford, NY 585-383-0740,13422,386353-7,00.html  
  Old Houses: Pre-1900 - Posted Messages:    
March 2003, at 5:06 pm Murals on Marble Tiles (views: 11) ALICIA -- Sunday, 16 March 2003, at 4:18 am Re: "the silent paint stripper" infrared heat (views: 69  
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chemical ethylene chloride is the most common paint stripper. a water "jet" that completely removes the paint. Infrared dryers can be used in textile production  
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by heating the warped area with a infrared spotlight like was to remove the several layers of paint on each I used Parks Pro Stripper furniture paint stripper.  
  Fueling Our Future    
chemical methylene chloride is the most common paint stripper. create a water "jet" that completely removes the paint. Infrared dryers can be used in textile  
  August 1999 Update - Large-Scale Demonstration and Deployment    
Infrared is reviewing the data collected and developing a report crystals, all surfaces to be removed were sprayed with Stingray 874B Paint Stripper and benzyl  
  Client-driven machine vision technologies    
Motion analysis. Infrared image analysis. Dimensional inspection. Vision-assisted robotic systems include: Aircraft deriveter; Canopy polisher; Paint stripper;  
  SwRI Computer Vision Brochure    
can provide these functions, and more, using visible and infrared cameras, imaging Paint stripper; Bottle sorter; Fiber-optic cable assembly; Forge automation.  
  WRRC - Vendor Library    
Curing; Infrared Drying Systems Chemical Manufacture Cleaning Company Name:Cortec Corporation Paint Stripper Company Name:Coster Engineering Reverse Osmosis  
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Aircraft Exterior Paint Stripper. Automated Infrared Test and Inspection System (AITIS). Automated Large Cordage System. Automated Laser Paint Stripping (ALPS).  
  Moving in - Home safety    
handling materials like cement based products, such as grouts, paint stripper, sugar soap Passive Infrared Detectors which detect body heat and movement; and/or  
style work lamps fitted with heat-lamp bulbs (GE Warm Up Infrared Heatlamp 250w.). and sanded carefully to get all remnants of the old paint and stripper off  
  Moore Marine Consultants Inc - Blister Repair Developments    
Infrared heat lamps or tenting and dehumidifying are a couple of practical ways to Although using a chemical paint stripper can make the removal of the bottom  
paint removing jelly; Epoxy coal tar paint; its alloys; Non-cyanide Etch-free chemical stripper; Lead sulphide infrared photoconductive cells; Luminescent transfer  
  New Zealand News, World, Business, Classifieds    
materials like cement based products (eg grouts), paint stripper, sugar soap Getting alarmed: Hardware: Passive Infrared Detectors which detect body heat and  
  Line Card for Sampson-Monarch Automotive Supply - Hampton Roads, ...    
Klean-Strip Paint Stripper. Lacquer Thinner All Grades. Tamco Incorporated Tamco Computers. TAMCO Paint Solvents, Laquer Thinner. Trisk Infrared Curing Lamps.  
  .FSM 00 Index    
Jan p36 * Painting Captain Miller, Oct p64 Panther with infrared vision, Nov p32 s Choice Awards, Sep p26 Reader Tips Acrylic cleaner paint stripper, Feb p22  
  Paint Shop Helpers    
certain things in the paint shop that make life any number of layers of paint. Not nearly as messy as liquid stripper and not nearly as RECOVERY Raytek Infrared Non-Contact Thermometer  
  This Old House | Stripped Bare    
house and new paint? Ten tenacious coats ve sprayed all the stripper and removed all the paint, just clean the about how he strips paint from here on. It uses infrared rays to heat up,13422,386353-5,00.html  
  TOH | Print This    
From a distance, the house in Winchester, Mass., site of the current This Old all the stripper and removed all the paint, just clean he strips paint from here on. It uses infrared rays to,13588,386353,00.html  
  The Hardware Store    
by heating the warped area with a infrared spotlight like you have in bathroom ceiling on each fascia. I used Parks Pro Stripper furniture paint stripper. Methylene Chloride is the active  
  JTEG Projects - All Platforms (P through Z)    
of Static Engine Components Remediation of Paint Waste Repair Technology for Infrared Imaging of Phased Array Robotic Laser Cutting Robotic Laser Paint Stripper Robotic Metal Spray System  
  ATSDR - Health Consultation - Vogel Paint and Wax Company, Maurice, Sioux County, Iowa    
property for disposal of paint sludges, resins, solvents an open-path fourier transform infrared analyzer (FTIR), and a out location from the air stripper could not be conducted, as  
  WRRC - Vendor Library    
Bio Based Adhesive; Paint and Barnish Remover; Paint Stripper Company Name:Frontier Infrared Temp Measuring System Non-Contact Company Name:ITW Fluid Products  
which is emitted from some dry cleaning facilities; and methylene chloride, which is used as a solvent and paint stripper by a Infrared Spectrophotometry.  
  Tinker pdf    
The use of this new stripper will save Bath Rejuvenation Large Aircraft Robotic Paint Stripping (LARPS Technologies Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR  
  9901Terrazzo Care.qxd    
What is needed Paint stripper, light grit sandpaper, and 2. Use paint striper to remove the existing When cleaning units equipped with infrared (electronic eye  
  Facility And Staff Needs    
ment system s portable paint curing equipment (infrared) s compressed air Rubber mallet • Rubber sanding block • Rust and paint stripper • Safety glasses  
  Waste Minimization Assessment for a Metal Parts Coating Plant    
Applying the desired coating; Curing the coated part in a natural gas, electric, or infrared oven; Stripped paint residue and residual stripper from rework  
  Environmental Technology Inc.    
alcohol. After it has cured, it can only be removed by long exposure to epoxy stripper, sanding or infrared paint peeler. Surface Care.  
  Paint Issues    
The use of infrared lamps can cause too high a surface temperature if the The damaged surface must be stripped with paint stripper or sanded down or removed  
  Caspian Plant hire bosch tool hire dewalt tool repair scaffolding ...    
Hoists - Bumpa Hoists - Scaffold I Immersion Spanner Inertia Reels Infrared Heater J Gun Needle Guns Nibbler O Orbital Sander P Paint Stripper Pallet Truck  
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Speech Scrambler), Sensors & Remotes (Codelock Receiver, Infrared Remote, Metal & Touch-up Repair, Paint Guns & Accessories, Paint Stripper), Pinstriping &  
  Aviation Today: Aviation Maintenance    
5. Solvent Kleene Solvent Kleene's D-Zolve GL 15-33 aircraft paint stripper is designed 7. Space-Ray Space-Ray ETU 200 infrared tube heaters offer 200,000 BTU  
alcohol. After it has cured, it can only be removed by long exposure to epoxy stripper, sanding or infrared paint peeler. Bubbles.  
  Radiation Effects and Testing    
and less absorption at longer wavelengths in the infrared portion of and to strip acrylate a methylene chloride solution similar to paint stripper is required  
  Navy EQ RDT&E User Requirements    
is needed for antireflection (AR) coatings on long-wave-infrared (LWIR) sensor I.05.a.NA201-98, Eliminate the use of Methylene Chloride Paint Stripper on Engine  
  AYMHM: Articles You May Have Missed--WN Sep 1993    
to the wet surface after the stripper is applied most notoriously the removal of reddish-brown paint on the He also uses Kodak High Speed Infrared and Technical  
  Star 8-19    
and tall enough to be observed by the NASA Infrared Telescope atop Methylene chloride, a popular paint- stripper, is being eliminated from indus- trial use due  
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engine part, cock ring, paint stripper, automotive racing elliptical trainer.acrylic paint.monza exhaust honda motorcycle accessory, infrared operation sensor  
  Paint #85.indd    
Often, removed paint and chemical stripper combinations require The catalysts and paint components may be UV), electron beam (EB) and infrared (IR) coatings  
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Ready Strip furniture paint varnish stripper, aint-stripper.htm. Revo styler. PRO TRIM PAINT ROLLER. FLAVOR WAVE OVEN, THE FLAVORWAVE INFRARED COOKER!  
high energy radiation, such as: ultraviolet, which cures with photoinitiators; infrared, which cures by the noncaustic stripper remove paint without the  
is recommended to use floor stripper when first regardless of relative humidity, this paint provides an Using infrared technology, no touch is required, which  
  The Decay of Civil Rights in the US    
flammable mixture of very strong tear gas (called "CS" powder) and a form of paint stripper. Through the use of Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) photography  
Cut Drying Time High-density electric infrared heaters are hot strip process will strip cured paint, powder and The stripper is 99% free of VOCs, solvent-free  
  All About Powder Coating for Dummies    
A cold liquid stripper is available but it is slow And with no solvents, powder paint does not pollute the air. Should I buy a gas, electric, or infrared oven?  
  Haas TCM Background Information    
economical non-methylene chloride paint stripper in North became a leader in paint booth maintenance Delphi Electronics; DRS Infrared Technologies; Ford; General  
  TechInfo Database Keyword List (s to z)    
Shipping Shipyards Shirco Infrared System Shocks Shopping Shredder gun Spray nozzle Spray paint cans Spray painting Spray stripping Streets Strip plating Stripper Stripping Study and teaching  
acid activated 2 pack stripper 2) Austrip - gel household non-methylene chloride paint strippers & additives for can be blended for curing by infrared, microwave or by heated stamp  
  JTEG Projects - All Platforms (F through 0)    
HIP) Hot Machining of Super Alloys Hot Tank Paint Stripper Hughes Infrared HVLP Spray Painting Equipment Hydraulic Pump Automatic Test Strippers Non-Cyanide Stripper to Replace Cyanide  
  Fueling Our Future    
completely eliminate workplace hazards: ? Paint stripper. The highly toxic and carcinogenic chemical the remainder harmless. ? Fire risk. Infrared dryers can be used in textile production, eliminating  
  Archives of the Hotline, 6000 to 5999    
Technic for electrocoating 9333. What to look for when buying used infrared curing system 9334. Liquid paint stripper and rinsing agent 9508.  
  FrankenLathe - 1943 9x48 South Bend Lathe    
up to the buffer) I use a stripper wheel that's up the next best thing: two 250W infrared lamps on a one case, the problem was not enough paint; the remaining  
  The U    
Scraping with an infrared or coil –type heat Paint stripping in a poorly ventilated space using a volatile stripper that is a hazardous substance.  
the wavelengths hit the earth's surface, they are converted to infrared radiation per year in such forms as used motor oil, paint stripper, solvents, household  
  Chlorine Online - Chlorinated Solvents - Publications - ECSA ...    
warming potential A short tropospheric lifetime and poor infrared adsorption mean be taken to follow the instructions given by the paint stripper manu-facturer  
  Chlorine Online - Chlorinated Solvents - Publications - ECSA ...    
2: Some uses of methylene chloride * Paint and varnish in aerosol formulations * Photoresist stripper in electronics lifetime and poor infrared adsorption mean  
  Results from the Hidden Corrosion Detection Evaluation on the ...    
Paint stripper and careful mechanical scraping were found effective for this ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS), Fourier Transformed Infrared (FTIR) analysis  
  Pollution Prevention in Painting and Coating Operations    
of removed paint and chemical stripper requires disposal as to remember that catalysts and paint components may Electron Beam (EB), and Infrared (IR) coatings  
  The Age of Lead    
that hazard with its propane-powered infrared heat guns They loosen up the paint film enough so that you of Dumond Chemicals, said his company's stripper is an  
with a low reflectance in the infrared and visible 3.64 Stripper: a volatile liquid applied to remove a for chemical processing, cured or dried paint, cured or  
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Industrial Chemicals; Infrared LEDs; Infrared Products; Insertion Wire Splices; Wire Stripper; Kit; Coax Stripper; Work Light; Wrinkle Varnish, Paint, Aerosol; Wrist  
  CS DISK 383 to 385    
  Section 3.9-3.12    
are waste oil, jet fuel, antifreeze, brake fluid, waste paint, paint stripper, degreasers, batteries lower than that of visible light include infrared light and  
  Manufacturing & industrial mailing lists for all products - from ...    
Additives - Paint And Gasket Stripper - Paint And Painting Thinners - Paint Toll - Paint Trays - Painters Fireproofing Services - Passive Infrared (ir) Products  
with a low reflectance in the infrared and visible Stripper": A volatile liquid applied to remove a for chemical processing, cured or dried paint, cured or  
  Environmentally safe protective coatings for steel structures -- ...    
Division of Materials personnel also performed infrared fingerprinting of the The alkaline paint stripper successfully removed the wax exposing the previously  
  Tony Daniel: Stripping, the Illusions    
I turned off the lights, but my room glowed red, infrared. and we men must cower in our caves and paint the walls Eliana was a dancer, a stripper in a cabaret.  
digital controls in 13 buildings and hangars, and added infrared heat in the E of pesticide/herbicides, 30 auto batteries, 10 gallons of paint stripper, and 300  
  Nondestructive Inspection of Aging Aircraft    
Abstract: We apply dual-band infrared (DBIR) imaging as a dynamic from dirt, dents, tape, markings, ink, sealants, uneven paint, paint stripper, exposed metal  
Formulation of water based paint stripper. Formulation of epoxy paint for steel marine applications. 7. INFRARED ANALYSIS OF MAMMALIAN CANCER CELLS, Nat.  
  Discount camping gear, rain gear, tents, backpacks & army surplus    
  Industrial Finishing Systems - GAT washer, powder room enclosure    
Infrared Oven - gas catalytic infra-red oven for powder Control Products - parts and specialty rack stripper; Also known as paint stripping furnaces in - CornerHardware-Products--Powertools-Heat ...    
80.99 2 Speed Heat Gun, $ 36.02 Power Stripper Heat Gun. and can't be spotted by the infrared sensors that Rugs, Flooring, Heating & Cooling, Books, Paint & Supplies,  
  JAIC 1988, Volume 27, Number 1, Article 1 (pp. 01 to 31)    
Infrared analyses of felt samples taken from a number of locations indicated be easily removed with a commercial, methylene-chloride base paint stripper.5 A  
  Cleaning Chemistry    
include: Cleaning during manufacturing assembly of infrared detectors, cleaning RS - RUST STRIPPER. and descaling of ferrous metals, paint stripping, degreasing  
1128WP40011, Zone A27, Sheet 2. Cautious use of paint stripper solvents such as Paint: with MIL-PRF-23377 Type II (Low Infrared Reflectance Version).  
Formulation of water based paint stripper. Formulation of a primer paint for outdoor 9, 94 (1966). 7. INFRARED ANALYSIS OF MAMMALIAN CANCER CELLS, Nat.  
  Granophot S und Ganophot T    
drawn from the undiluted paint solution at a drawing speed coating. Fresh air stoves or infrared drying with a supply of S and Granophot T our Stripper 10 should be used. The plates  
  Product List S-Z    
Snips Socket Sets Spray Paint Sprayers Plastic Stands and Lead Adaptors Thermometers: Raynger Infrared new Raynger Laser Cable High Temperature Stripper Thermostat Wire THHN Strand  
  Archives of the Hotline, Letters 1 to 999    
149. Need supplier of non-magnetic gold/rhodium plating solution 150. Need infrared soldering machine 151. Seeking non-methylene chloride paint stripper 642.  
  Statement of Legal and Factual Basis    
the infrared drying ovens, and inside the infrared drying ovens. and xylene contents of each paint and reducer 55 gal/yr 39 Face-Down Stripper (Mirror Cleaning  
  On The House with the Carey Bros. Home Repair and Improvement ...    
All that is about to change with the introduction of a new paint-stripper tool. The new silent paint remover uses infrared light to penetrate, heat and soften  
  Lashen Electronics Table of Contents for the letter 'P'    
and Lashen Electronics; Paladin 1112 - AM12 Wire Cutter/Stripper; Lashen Electronics; ProVideo IR-200 indoor / outdoor infrared illuminator; Putty Touch-Up Paint.  
  Yale Sales Line Card - April 2002.doc    
Pest Control Products * Innovative Pet Products * Infrared Hair Dryer Videos & Books Hyde Tools Paint Sundry Hy-Ko Tools & Accessories Roto-Stripper Steel Wire  
  Levine Automotive Performance Parts Index    
Pad Raytek ST20 Infrared Thermometer Raytek ST30 Infrared Thermometer Reflective Nib File Steck Super Stripe Stripper Steck Tool Tire Wet Where is My Paint Code  
Also, there?re two passive infrared detec- tors outside, which detect movement of heat A can of paint stripper to spray in an intruder?s face; which seems to's/julsec2.pdf    
By using ultraviolet and infrared radiation to aid in the application of by 1996; Eliminating use of methylene chloride as a paint stripper, resulting in a 20  
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Laser pointers Laser-sighting infrared thermometers Level Paint, stainless steel Paint, temperature indicating Panel indicators Wipes Wlre stripper Wood light  
  PC Software Download Page: I -    
Image Samurai Image Searcher Image Stripper Image Tagger Infragistics Net Advantage Suite Infrared Features Driver File in Microsoft Paint Vulnerability Patch  
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