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  Eraser International Ltd    
Wire and cable (extruded insulation) strippers using rotary blades, die-blades or thermal methods. Magnet wire strippers blade type, wire/fibreglass wheel and chemical methods. Yahoo! Directory  
  Rotary Collet Magnet Wire Stripper Wire Stripper    
MAIN. MODEL 27E. Rotary Collet Magnet Wire Stripper. Designed to strip magnet wires, coils and resistor leads to within .031” (.8mm) of the component.  
  ABISOFIX Enamel and Magnet Hand Held Wire Stripper    
ABISOFIX Enamel and Magnet Hand Held Wire Stripper. The "ABISOFIX" stripping system consists of a electric motor with stripping head.  
  [AR5411] DCFB1 Wire Stripper for Magnet and Enamel Wire    
Product Details, DCFB1 Wire Stripper for Magnet and Enamel Wire, Made in the USA, Certified. Item # Price AR5411 $703.00 Add to Cart  
  New Eraser Products    
Battery Operated Wire Stripper Strips magnet and enamel wires from 9-35 AWG with strip lengths from 3/32"-2 1/2". Recharge the battery in less than 90 minutes.  
  Magnet wire strippers, wheel type.    
Strips magnet wire from 0.14 - 1.30 mm diameter, and rectangular wire; Uses either fibreglass or wire wheels; DV1 wire stripper. E200 wire stripper,  
  Magnet wire strippers, blade type.    
K8A Air Operated Stripper. Strips magnet wire from 0.33 - 2.31 mm; Four carbide blades for exceptional life and strip quality; Suitable  
  Twincone® Magnet Wire Stripper •, MAIN. MODEL 88E. Twincone® Magnet Wire Stripper. Engineered for efficient stripping of miniature  
  Magnet / Enamel Wire Stripper - EC4    
EC4 - ENAMEL WIRE STRIPPER PNEUMATIC HAND HELD ENAMEL WIRE STRIPPER. DATA SHEET 49. The EC4 will strip many film insulations including  
  Enamel / Magnet Wire Stripper - EC2    
  Hand Held Magnet Wire Stripper Twin Wheel Wire Stripper    
OH 44107 * Phone (216) 521-8567 * Fax Local 521-9476 / USA & Canada (800) 344-9191 * E-Mail: Hand Held Magnet Wire Stripper A portable  
  Rotary Collet Magnet Wire Stripper Wire Stripper    
Production Wire Processing Equipment 110 Fairgrounds com ? MAIN MODEL 27E Rotary Collet Magnet Wire Stripper Designed to strip magnet wires, coils and resistor leads to 27 NBG.html  
  Magnet Wire Stripper    
? Fax: (315) 682-9160 e-mail: ? MAIN MODEL 14A Magnet Wire Stripper Used for stripping all types of film insulation from heavy round and rectangular wire 14 NBG.html  
  magnet stripper wire Products at - The Simply Fast Way to Save!    
Compare Prices on top magnet stripper wire products from 1000s of Stores.  
  Hand Held Portable Enamel / Magnet Wire Stripper - HP Range    
HP RANGE - ENAMEL WIRE STRIPPERS HAND HELD ROTARY BRUSH ENAMEL for thinner round wires. The wire is pulled into the machine HP30 HP35P Brush Type For Wire Size Brush Type For Wire Size  
  Magnet wire stripping, chemical method.    
available for very fine wires, Litz wire or bundled wires. Magnet Wire Strippers, Chemical Type Often the only method to get it. Dip Strip Chemical Stripper and Pot Dip Strip is an  
For wire with plastic insulation use a wire stripper. For magnet wire fold over the sandpaper so that the sandy sides touch each other then pull the end of the  
  Jemar Pet Supply, Strippers    
Magnet Stripper 9.95 Magnet Stripper Left Handed 9.95. Available in Stripper or Deetailers with color-coded International reputation for Wire Coats and their  
  The Planetary Society: Communicating Through Wires    
to 10 oz.); 1 small bar magnet (approx.1 or 2 cm wide and at least 3 masking tape; 2 ice cream sticks; 3-by-5-inch index card; scissors; wire stripper (if available  
  American Science & Surplus: Incredible Stuff at Unbelievable ...    
etc. click for photo, 92003, PICK-UP MAGNET, $9.95 / EACH, add to cart. Hook ’em, Danno! wiring. 23273, WIRE STRIPPER, $1.95 / EACH, add to cart.  
  American Science & Surplus: Incredible Stuff at Unbelievable ...    
33945, WIRE STRIPPER, $1.95 / EACH, add to cart. a friend about this item so they can check it out The 50-lb pull on this 3/8" x 3-1/8" dia pick-up magnet makes it  
  Dog Brush, Dog Combs and Grooming Tools    
Magnet Strippers are used to prepare terriers and other wire and definition to your terrier or wire coated breed A fine stripper removes lots of hair, a coarse  
LIST OF MATERIALS lots of batteries (6 volt) and/or power supply (batteries are expended quickly!) paper clips magnet wire stripper For each participant you  
  When current is made to flow in a piece of wire it generates a ...    
paper clips. magnet. wire stripper. For each participant you need: 15 inch strips of insulated copper wire with one inch exposed wire on each end.  
  Listen Up    
to 10 oz.). 1 small bar magnet (approx. 1 or 2 cm. wide and at least 3 cm. scissors. wire stripper (if available). 6 meters (20 feet) of thin enameled wire.  
  Charge Stripper and MEBT for the $^3$He RFQ Accelerator    
before the stripper, after the stripper, and at the end of the MEBT, b. multi-wire profile monitors at the entrance and exit of the first 270 ° magnet, at the  
  What To Do    
can form a magnetic field that can be used to create a temporary magnet. You can use a wire stripper, scissors, or a sharp knife to remove the insulation.  
  Wire Fox Terrier Wishes    
Grooming Wire Hair Fox Terriers. hounds mitt; electric clopper; grooming chalk; magnet stripper; untangler comb; thinning shears. this page by Deanna Boehm.  
10.- scraper, 11.caplifter with, 12.- magnet.Phillips-screwdriver. 13.-wire stripper, 14.key ring, 15.tweezers. 16.ballpoint pen, Manager (0.63 65),  
  Capital Gardens Swiss Army Knives    
Knife Thin blade, bottle opener with magnet, Philips screwdriver and wire stripper, key ring, tweezers, toothpick, small scissors, nail file and screwdriver.  
  Application Tooling Solutions - Tyco Electronics    
Termination equipment, applicators, wire Press-Fit by Product type Magnet Wire IDC by Industry Axis Laser Wire Stripper 1309037 - WD-4-ML Dual Axis Laser Wire Stripper - special enamel  
  UNIT 3 Communicating Through Wires    
sticks 3-by-5-inch index card scissors wire stripper (if available) 6 meters (20 feet) of thin its own magnetic field, which repels and attracts the magnet--i.e., makes it vibrate. The  
  Multi-purpose 12 in 1 stainless steel tool. By Coleman $5.99    
Coleman Twelve-In-One Scissors Your Price: $5.99 In-Stock : Ships within 2-3 knife magnet, scissors, nutcracker, wire cutter, screwdriver, can wrench, and wire stripper. Coleman Twelve-In  
  Swiss Army Knives    
Swiss Army Knives, pen knives, Victorinox orange peeler and scraper, bottle opener with magnet, Philips screwdriver and wire stripper, key ring, tweezers, ball pen, small scissors. Available in  
  Swiss Army Knives    
Capital Gardens Swiss Army Knives in Red £34.95 RAMBLER Thin blade, bottle opener with magnet, Philips screwdriver and wire stripper, key ring, tweezers, toothpick, small scissors, nail file and  
  Application Tooling Solutions - Tyco Electronics    
Magnet-Wire Termination Guide; Stripping Module. CX-2000 Coax Cable Stripper; Komax Delta 50; Komax Delta 60; Komax Kappa 225, 230, 240.  
  PSAffordable Discount Dog Grooming Supplies    
Pulls hair out like a magnet. PCA-7010 Stripper* $8.95 PCA-7033 5 Blades* $2.99. Wire teeth are set in a flexible soft pad for safe and easy daily grooming.  
CAT # WB-772 $1.75 per set TELESCOPING MAGNET Facilitates retrieval of small metal parts. CAT# CHK-1 $5.00 each WIRE STRIPPER Stripper and cutting tool.  
  All Electronics Corp.    
WIRE STRIPPER CAT# WS-150, [WIRE STRIPPER ], $ 2.50 each In stock Ships within 24 TELESCOPING MAGNET CAT# MAG-31, [TELESCOPING MAGNET ], $ 3.00 each In stock Ships  
  Wire Fox Terrier Wishes    
This little book features the Wire Fox Terrier, and it is your electric clipper, a coarse stripping knife, grooming chalk, Magnet stripper, untangler comb (the  
  Victorinox Knives    
Length: 58 mm, 2 1/4" - 2 layer Features Blade Scissors Nailfile with Screwdriver Cap lifter with Magnet Phillips-screwdriver Wire stripper Key ring Light  
  Product Specification Double EL Wire D01 Series Common ...    
Remove dielectric layers from the thick electrodes using a magnet wire stripper or a sharp knife. Care shall be taken not to damage those electrodes.  
  GiftPotli - Send Gifts to India!    
1/4" Contains 10 features 1. blade 2. scissors 3. nailfile with 4. - screwdriver 5. cap lifter with 6. - magnet. Phillips-screwdriver 7. - wire stripper 8. key  
  Wire, Cable Ties & Wiring Accessories    
MW34-1) 36ga Magnet Wire 1lb Spool (MW36-1). Splices & Crimper Tool, Splices & Crimper Tool Kinetic Super Stripper Crimper (45-719) IDC UB-I 2-Wire Tap Splices  
  Science - Grade 6 - 1st Q.    
bulb, batteries, card board tubing, aluminum foil, small paper cup, wire stripper, durt tape. Resources: bar magnet, D cell battery, iron nail, insulated wire.  
“FUCHS STAR “ Enamel and Magnet Hand Held Wire Stripper. The "FUCHS STAR" is a self contained, electric motor driven, hand held magnet wire stripping tool.  
  E-Tron Systems - EQUIPMENT    
multi-conducter cables, And the old reliable Carpenter rotary stripper provides stripping not only of magnet wire but virtually all other types of wire as well.  
  Anything I Can Do - Project #7 - Interview With A Lamp Wire    
and a nail) Needle nose pliers Wire cutters Screwdriver Soldering torch Safety glasses Magnet Utility knife Wire stripper pliers String Steps: Flexible copper pipe comes in many sizes Stretch the  
  Series 4 Limited - Production Equipment for the Electronics Industry    
cards. FEATURED PRODUCTS Problems Stripping Enamel / Magnet Wire Try the Abisofix Range New POT pot, solder, stage, strip, stipper, stripper, strippers, stripping, table, terminals, three  
  OK SPORTS: Accessories: Victorinox Swiss Army Knives    
Irish suppliers of games, school uniforms, sports equipment and sports clothing. lifter\screwdriver\wire stripper, reamer\punch scraper, caplifter\magnet\Philips screwdriver\wire striper, key  
  Coghlan 12-in-1 Scissors No. 9575    
tool with 12 useful functions: scissors, knife, screwdriver, magnet, can opener, wrench, fish scaler, nut cracker, jar wrench, wire cutter, wire stripper and bottle opener. Stock #CL9575  
  Design Part 3    
coils, each turn of the first layer of magnet wire must be guided into position. This is accomplished in the cover and half of the other flange in the stripper. It also adds to the tooling cost and  
  Cosmo Corporation - Design Manual - Design    
parts: Cover (A), Slides (B), Core (C), and Stripper (D) (See figure 1). figure 1 Cover (A prevent damage to the insulation on the magnet wire. This design should be avoided if the coil  
  MSD Midget Ignition Accessories    
8.5mm Universal Midget Wire Set MSD offers a universal set each application. A special mini-stripper-crimper tool is also custom trigger wheel. Crank Trigger Magnet Kit 1 ? Magnet PN  
  Misc Items V8.vp    
Nordost Wire Stripper $25.00 ea This wire stripper is designed to pull the Teflon coating off the Nordost wire. Magnets for shielding 19.2 oz magnet $7.00 each  
  Handstripping FAQ    
Wire Fox Terrier from Wire Fox Terrier Club of the Central States. The common ones found in most pet supply catalogs, Hauptner and the Magnet stripper, I find  
  UTI Graduate Resources    
4", 6", 8" Standard + #1, #2 Phillips Plus, #2 Phillips Stubby, 1" Standard Stubby; 8" Gasket Scraper; 7" Vise Grip; Wire Stripper; Pocket Magnet; Mirror; 5  
  Speaker Components    
M Magnet Wire Stripper Mesh Grills (2 piece) Mid Bass Speakers Midrange Speakers Mount Kits Mylar Capacitors Musical Instrument Speakers.  
  Product Listing - Toll-free ordering 1-800-620-5272 - workshop    
6.5" wire stripper insulated to 1,000V for safety. IN STOCK - Ships within 24 hours $ 31.95 Order code:WI-US. Strong magnet holds bits solidly in place.  
  TRB 5:3 - Activity 4: Electricity and Magnets    
Wire stripper (if you used insulated wire); Sandpaper (if you used enameled wire); lesson is to be presented, give all students a magnet survey sheet  
  ECE Storeroom Catalog - Tools/Boxes    
  Motorsoft - Electric Motor Design and Motion Control    
Magnetic Viewing Film Magnetic Viewing Film. Magnet Pole Detector Magnet Pole Detector. Magnetic & Enamel Wire Stripper Magnetic & Enamel Wire Stripper.  
  Magneto Transport at Low Temperature and High Magnetic Fields: ...    
Magnet system used 9. Remove the formvar coating with the stripper. Coat the wire with tin from the soldering iron and position this wire perpendicular to the  
  Common Characteristics for All Colors    
2. Pull the free ends of the additional electrodes(7) back 3.Strip the dielectric layers(2) off the core copper electrode(3) using a magnet wire stripper or a  
  Equipment & Components Information at    
Wire stripper can be used for works on a very precise and thin Based in New York, manufacturer of wire strippers & twisters, cable strippers, magnet & enamel  
  Application Tooling Solutions: Tools, Machines, Accessories - ...    
The CX-2000 is a fully programmable coaxial cable stripper using exclusive LPT-522 Magnet Wire Termination Machine for intermediate to high volume applications  
  Hand Stripping The Miniature Schnauzer    
use the magnet stripper to comb through the coat and lift out undercoat. A bit of coat polish (especially on Black, Black/Silver) worked into the wire jacket  
  GC Electronic Products    
Atex Electronics is a wholesale distributor of electronic components to the Pocket Soldering Iron Magnet Wire Two Sided Alignment TOP 766 Speed-O-Matic Wire Stripper (12-20 AWG Wire) 18  
  Wire / Cable Terms    
Resistance Ability of a wire, cable or material to resist surface wear. Abrasion Stripper More accurately described as Beldsol Solderable Belden magnet wire combining insulating films    
at EMCW Expo 2000. ------------ 4. Improved Wire Stripper NECOA's UHM wire stripper has always been an it will cleanly remove the insulation from any magnet wire from 35 to 17 AWG (0.15 to 0  
  San Diego County Office of Education    
for Attraction For the class: 1 magnet, doughnut shaped 1 roll of wire, 20 gauge, insulated 1 roll of wire of wire 24-gauge, insulated wire stripper Background: An electromagnet is a device  
  Innovative Tools' Best    
2 in 1 Cutter/Stripper Cutter/Stripper doesn't use stripping holes - it self-adjusts to wire sizes from 26 AWG to 14 AWG pouch. (read more) LIGHTED MAGNET PICKUP Super-bright LED    
adjust mechanism, it will cleanly remove the insulation from any magnet wire from 35 to 17 AWG (0.15 to 0.8 mm bare wire diameter). This inline stripper can be  
  Cave And Crag Small Pocket Knives.    
5. Cap lifter with 6. - Magnet. Philips-screwdriver. 7. - Wire stripper. 8. Key ring. 9. Tweezers 10. magnet. Phillips screwdriver. 13. - Wire stripper. 14.  
  Sold Out Items    
20Z009, Parts File. 20Z014, Wire Stripper. 21C003, Copy Holder. 92B020, Tilt Switch. 92C027, PRO-NET WIRE CENTER. 92I050, 80286 CPU. 92M006, Permanent Magnet DC Motor.  
  New Page 1    
small washers 8 plastic cups 1 doughnut magnet 1 roll 20 gauge wire 1 roll 24 gauge wire 1 wire stripper D-cell holders (optional), Copies of student sheet  
BT017 Cover Spring BT018 Cover Pin The magnet is to Rear Blade Shaft Assy (Complete) BT002 Blade Stripper Front or PRO 9 - SIR STEAK B302B Back Wire Comb B301F  
  Make a Working Audio Speaker    
do)) !" Permanent magnet (usually black ceramic magnet) !" Electrical tape Photos #2 ) Photos #2. Wire and Wire Stripper Stripped Wire (White-striped -    
Test with a magnet to find out: a magnet won't stick to brass. Tools: Pliers; Bench grinder; Cloth polishing wheel; Continuity tester; Wire stripper.  
  Cable and Wire Index    
24 Gauge Stranded Standard Lamp Wire Enamel Magnet Wire Speaker Wire Write-On Marking System - Wire Marker. Stripping Tool - 4" Coax Cable Stripper CABLE TESTERS - Table Of Results    
Dispensing Camelot Systems Dispensing Syc XYFLEX Details, Miscellaneous Carpenter Rotary Collet Magnet Wire Stripper 27C Details,  
  Design Characteristics of the Linac-LEB Transfer Line for the SSC    
at location `c'. Distance between the successive wire scanners is wide range of a and p values at the stripper. consists of a 4.0 degree dipole magnet (D2) and  
  Abstract Abstract: This curriculum kit, developed for grade 6 as ...    
[Teacher's guide:] Foreword Acknowledgments Goals for Magnet and motors Making a mystery box Background: Electric circuits Using a wire stripper Making and  
  Untitled Document    
  NASAexplores 9-12 Lesson: Battery Tester (All Sheets PDF)    
compass needle move because the coil acts like a permanent magnet. Two paper clips * Two screws with washers * Screwdriver * Wire stripper * Various batteries  
  Fringe - November 1998    
to Radio Shack. I dutifully bought some copper magnet wire (Cat. No. 278-1345A, $3.99) and the center hole of the connector. A regular wire stripper or some other cutter is needed to pull  
  Wire and Cable Connectors manufacturers, suppliers, Products and Services    
resource for finding Wire and Cable Connectors and supplying the user Cutter ? E200/E300 Heavy Duty Magnet Wire Strippers ? C200 Rotary Blade Wire Stripper & Twister ? The MMC100: Clearly a  
  Science Kit and Boreal Laboratories: Online Catalog: Electricity ...    
CJ62275-00, Magnet, natural lodestone Recommended Quantity: 1, $3.17, Add to Cart. CJ66505-00, Wire stripper and cutter Recommended Quantity: 1, $9.95, Add to Cart.  
  Directions for Gold Plating    
whether piece can be plated. Magnet Test - If the magnet and touch negative lead (black) wire. If the amp meter moves in reverse, brush chrome stripper over surface until all chrome  
  Chokes Unlimited    
Electronics distributor of loudspeaker components: crossovers, inductors, capacitors, resistors Line Level Convertors Loudspeakers M Magnet Wire Stripper Mesh Grills (2 piece) Mid Bass Speakers  
  Roebling and War    
This 35 Cubic Yard Coal Stripper Is Equipped Throughout In Marked Contrast To The .001 inch Wire Shown in Magnet wire is needed in every electrical motor, and  
  Promotional Selection of Fine Hand Tools    
Built-in stripper on front, cutter on reverse. With wire support and 12 glue sticks 200 mm length Ring magnet at the tip for additional magnetic power direct to  
  Aircraft Mechanic Tools    
Aircraft mechanic tools, wings, shirts, hats, aircraft mechanic novelties and Tools Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper * Automatically adjusts item before energizing magnet. Flexible for those  
  Tech Support    
1) off using a usual wire stripper. Be careful not to layers(2) off the core copper electrode(3) using a magnet wire stripper or a sharp knife. 4. Strip the insulation off both edges (4  
  IEI - journal - NEW PRODUCTS    
The Eraser Company Inc recently announced the availability of the Model L2S Rotary Insert Stripper for film insulated magnet wire.    
with 6. - screwdriver 7. - wire stripper 8. reamer, punch 9 with 4. - screwdriver 5. cap lifter with 6. - magnet. Phillips-screwdriver 7. - wire stripper 8. key ring 9. tweezer 10. Toothpick  
  More Information About the CB-100W    
(Any magnet will perform needed - You may need the following tools for efficient installation: Straight-edged spade, wire cutter/stripper and flathead - Table Of Results    
Bridgeport Mill 42' Table Series 1 Details, Oven BTU Convection Oven VIP98 Details, Miscellaneous Carpenter Rotary Collet Magnet Wire Stripper 27C Details,  
  Make a Working DC Motor DC Motor Assembly Instructions    
Jody House, Ginny Stonick Geek Chic SM Geek Chic SM General equipment: For motor construction: !" Wire stripper (for cutting ends of magnet wire) !" Push-pin
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