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  Useful links for paint stripper users and metal finishers The British Institute of Metal Finishing. The Paint Research Association.  
  Western Wood Doctor Paint Stripper, Howard Orange Oil, Howard ...    
We feature a variety of wood care and metal polish products including paint and varnish remover, Tung Oil Natural Finish, Howard's Orange Oil, Howard's Feed-N  
  Metal Wash Paint Stripper - Shore Chemical Company    
Metal Wash Paint Stripper. Clean surface with an all purpose cleaner, air dry, then apply the Metal Wash Paint Stripper with a nylon brush or airless sprayer.  
  Shore Chemical Company - Metal Cleaning, Maintenance & Paint ...    
Paint Removers Caustic Paint Stripper, Metal Wash Paint Stripper, Miscellaneous Emulsifiable Cutting Oil, Penetrating Oil, Synthetic Cutting Fluid.  
  SOL: 80 -- MULTI-METAL PAINT STRIPPER (06/13/01)    
  Seymour of Sycamore | News | Pro-grade Graffiti & Paint Stripper    
You need a pro-grade paint stripper to return your walls to their original duty solution to removing vandalism from glass, brick, concrete and metal surfaces.  
  Oakite - Chemetall Oakite News    
New Oakite® GARDOSTRIP™ liquid paint stripper offers metal finishers and coaters a fast, safe, and effective option to stripping various paint films  
  JEM Strip 427 Biodegradable Paint Stripper    
Industrial Paint Stripper JEM Strip 427. 427 may be easy on the environment, but it's tough on paint. and in minutes you'll have a sparkling piece of metal.  
  Metal Preps    
POR-15 ® Marine: Cleaner-Degreaser, Solvent, Paint Stripper, Metal Prep: Marine Clean TM. Marine Clean TM cleans and degreases in : RESTORATION PRODUCTS    
paint remover, blue lightning, anodizing remover, rust preventative paint,paint stripper,zero rust,anodize remover,rust killer,rust remover,metal prep,metal  
  Metal Wash Paint Stripper - Shore Chemical Company    
Thick, clinging, methylene chloride based stripper. Excellent for removing all kinds of paint from metal surfaces. Metal Wash Paint Stripper Description Thick, clinging, methylene 7 Tech Sheets/metal_wash_paint_stripper.htm  
  Stripping Alternative    
Paint Stripper Systems Comparison The new multi-metal, paint stripper was compared to other low temperature alkaline strippers on steel substrates.  
  POR-15 PAINT REMOVER/STRIPPER - Product Directions and Cautions    
POR-15 Paint Over Rust. Perfect for rusty metal. Auto, car, household, appliances after purchase. POR-15 Paint Remover/Stripper must be neutralized with a water rinse on metal after stripped paint  
  Metal Stripping    
include aluminum wheels, outdoor and indoor metal furniture, gardening It removed 1 mil of powder paint for epoxy the time than the hot alkaline stripper tested  
  Paint Stripper, basic instructions Stripping furniture    
Citristrip Paint Stripper Wash. Removes residues from wood, metal and masonry. Prepares stripped surface for finishing. Pleasant orange scent.  
  The Silent Paint Remover paint stripper is fast and cheap    
Metal? Speedheater usually works very well on window bars and sheet steel roofs that are painted with oil-based paint, but not on other metal constructions.  
  PROSOCO, Inc.    
Graffiti Wipe removes a variety of graffiti stains from most smooth masonry, wood and metal surfaces. Heavy Duty Paint Stripper.  
  Re: Alternative Paint Stripper    
Thread Index] Re: Alternative Paint Stripper Subject: Re: Alternative Paint Stripper From: Date in 1994. It was published in Metal Finishing Journal. Unfortunately, I do not  
  JEM Strip 427 Biodegradable Paint Stripper    
JEM Strip 427 Biodegradable Paint Stripper from Tech Sales Co Canada's Baler Heavy Duty Vertical Baler Scrap Metal Vertical Baler BIODEGRADABLE PAINT STRIPPER JEM Strip 427 BLACK OXIDE  
  AmeriStrip Paint Stripper for Lead abatement, wood boat restorations and antique refinishing. Removes up to 20 coats ...    
Environmentally Safe Paint Stripper The AmeriStrip ® paint stripper is a biodegradable, water washable non and epoxy resin coating from structural metal, cement, fiberglass, wood, mica, and  
  This Old House | New Way to Strip it Away    
into a metal paint tray. One gallon of the nontoxic gel strips about 200 sq. ft. of wall space. 4, USE A TAPERED SASH brush to apply the gel stripper along the,13422,218040-2,00.html  
POR-15 ® Marine: Cleaner-Degreaser, Solvent, Paint Stripper, Metal Prep: POR-Strip Paint Remover POR-Strip® Paint Remover/Stripper  
  Ready Strip furniture paint varnish stripper    
Ready Strip paint and varnish stripper can be used on metal, brick, marble, fiberglass, formica, delicate plaster moldings. Ready  
  Strypit Paint & Varnish Stripper    
Strypit Paint and Varnish Stripper For use on Wood, Metal, Glass, Plaster Strypit is a powerful paint remover for all paints, enamels, celluloses, stoved enamels, emulsion paints, synthetic  
  Removing Products    
Splatter-Offô safely removes latex paint overspray and splatters (dried or wet) from wood, metal, masonry, glass, plastics, most carpeting and Paint Stripper.  
  K & E Coating Remover Safety Paint Stripper and Graffiti Remover ...    
safe, the sludge it produces when removing lead and other heavy metal contaminated coatings is toxic manufactures another paint stripper formula called DBX.  
Paint Stripper: Thixotropic/alkaline formulation for removing paint coatings from ornamental metal work, such as "Sure Klean 509 Paint Stripper," (ProSoCo, Inc  
  Chemical Reagents by Post Apple Scientific, Inc.    
Paint Stripper, Hazard Tag, 5gal, Single Unit, $97.15, Paint Stripper, Hazard Tag, 5gal, 4 Pack, $291.40, Palladium Metal, Black Powder, 100mg, Single Unit, $13.50,  
  Refinishing Metal Woods    
Using any common household paint stripper, coat the entire metal surface of the club with the stripper as shown in photo #3. Photo # 3 Applying Paint Stripper.  
  Healthy Home Services : Renovations - Citristrip-Paint Stripper    
Citristrip-Paint Stripper This easy to use stripping gel effectively removes paint and varnish from wood, metal and masonry. Citristrip  
  United Soybean Board    
SoyClean Paint Stripper SoyClean Paint Stripper is a natural product for effective removal of paint, shellac, varnish marine and most wood and metal surfaces.  
  400ml Paint Stripper Or Gasket Removing Spray - Draper - Mustang ...    
400ml Paint Stripper Or Gasket Removing Spray. For removal of paint and varnish from wood, metal GRP, ceramic and other surfaces including most cellulose  
  POR-15 Rust Preventive Paint - Stop Rust Permanently    
POR-15 Paint Remover/Stripper must be neutralized with a water rinse on metal after stripped paint has been removedwill not raise the grain on stripped wood  
  MAG-IT Metal Processing, Preparation and Finishing Chemicals    
I011 - Acid, Detergent and metal conditioner (liquid)** I011 - Acid, for flash I561 - Phenolic paint remover I563 - Paint stripper, MIL-R-81294 (liquid)** I565  
  Citristrip paint stripper to refinish furniture    
After you've used Citristrip paint stripper you can clean any residue from wood, metal or masonry with Citristrip Wash to prepare the surface for a new finish.  
  Bird Brand - Paint Stripper    
A water washable paint/varnish stripper for removing enamels, polyurethane, emulsion and many other types. It works on wood and metal and because it is quite  
  paint at    
paint stripper: aircraft paint stripper; paint stripper as seen on tv. black art acrylic paint. conductive paint: conductive paint silver; conductive metal paint.  
  Paint, Varnish & Wallpaper Stripper / Remover - UK    
7.29. Paint Stripper Particularly effective paint stripper for removing oil-based paints and varnishes (including polyurethane) from wood metal and glass.  
  Metal Stripping Chemicals    
B15 Semi-Paste Paint Stripper Semi-paste stripper for use on vertical surfaces and items too large for dip tank systems. G6 Bensoap Metal Cleaner A  
  Home and Garden Television: Preparation    
detergent. Always pour paint stripper into a metal container, as the harsh chemicals will dissolve a plastic container. Always work,1797,HGTV_3767_1382998,00.html  
  TVI Second HandCrafts    
Remove the paint with the metal scraper and #3 steel wool. You might have to apply the stripper and scrape a couple of times. After  
  Paint removers made from soybeans    
Product Description: SoyClean Paint Stripper is a natural, soy product for effective removal of paint, shellac, varnish marine and most wood and metal surfaces.  
  Chem-Serv: We Deliver    
duty industrial paint stripper. IRON HEAD GREASE BEAST, Heavy duty degreaser. IRON HEAD ANTISOLV, Solvent alternative degreaser. IRON HEAD TOOL COOL, Superior metal  
POR-15 of Texas Carries a Complete line of POR-15 Products, Stop RUST with POR 15 PAINT REMOVER/STRIPPER DIRECTIONS Remover/Stripper must be neutralized with a water rinse on metal after  
  Tech Tips - Undocumented Hints & Tips    
But first, you'll need to obtain the following items: Paint stripper (designed to remove paint from metal, it'll say on the label). 1/2 litre is plenty!  
  Brush Up On Paint    
Do not set out empty metal paint cans for CHEMICALS HAZARDOUS ALTERNATIVE Oil-based Paints Use latex paints and and Stains stains Paint Stripper Use heatgun  
of both latex and oil base paint from wood, masonry and metal surfaces. Application: 1. Apply a thick coat of the 800 Paint Stripper using a synthetic brush  
  Warner Big Blade Stripper 9'' Handle - Paint Pros USA    
Big Blade Stripper 9'' Handle: WARNER BIG BLADE WALL STRIPPER
Strips wallpaper. Scrapes paint. All metal BLADE WALL STRIPPER Strips wallpaper. Scrapes paint. All metal construction  
  Shore Caustic Paint Stripper - Shore Chemical Company    
coatings in one application. Shore Caustic Paint Stripper is a high alkaline, not in use. [Back to Section 7 - Metal Cleaning, Maintenance and Paint Removal Products - Paint Removers] 7 Tech Sheets/shore_caustic_paint_stripper.htm  
with Adobe Acrobat Watch a SARA Paint Stripper work (quick download) Selective Adhesion Release surface profile makes possible direct-to-metal and thin film coating applications. SARA  
  3M Utilities and Telecommunication : 3M™ Auto-Pak™ Rust and ...    
3M™ Auto Pak™ Automotive Rust and Paint Stripper removes rust, scale and old paint from metal. Attaches easily to an electric drill.  
  Use of Paint Removers or Strippers On Wood Furniture    
Furniture The Correct Use of Paint Removers or Stripper Directions for HAND Stripping scrapers (NOT putty knives or metal scrapers) * Stripping BRUSH: stripper resistant plastic for getting  
  Dangers of using paint stripper    
Get the facts about paint stipper polish Insecticides and pesticides Metal Polish Methylated spirits Moth proofers Naphthalene Oven Cleaner Paint stripper Paint Rust removers  
  3M Automotive, Marine and Aerospace : 3M™ Rust and Paint ...    
3M™ Automotive Rust and Paint Stripper, 4 in, 24 per case Removes rust, scale and old paint from metal. Attaches easily to an electric drill.  
  Paint Stripper Experiences    
It concludes with a recommendation and information on obtaining the product. I started with a heavy duty metal paint stripper recommended by my local FBO.  
  LEADX - Heavy Metal Detoxin    
Lead based paint may be removed with LEADX® and chemical paint stripper or covered with paint containing LEADX® paint additive.  
  POR-15 Rust Preventive Paint - Stop Rust Permanently    
ColorChrome®. Primer, Top Coats, & Clear Coats. Metal Preparation & Cleaner / Degreaser. Puttys. Fuel Tank Sealers / Stabilizers. Stripper & Solvent.  
  XTRAMSN: Real Estate: Home & Garden: Experts Archive: Painting ...    
I've always found chemical stripping the best method for metal window frames. Most proprietary brands of paint stripper have very good instructions for their,,7851-2095135,00.html  
  DBX Safety Paint Stripper and Sealer Remover Description    
Page 1. DBX Safety Paint Stripper and Sealer Remover Description DBX® is a non It is a thickened paint stripping formula, which adheres to metal pails and 55 gal  
  Post Apple Scientific, Inc. P    
n-Propyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Pumice Powder, Pyridine, Pyrocatechol, Violet, Pyrogallic Acid, Pyrogallol, Platinum Metal, Paint Stripper, Palladium AA  
  Conserv*A*Store Paint Stripper-Soy Based    
Paint Stripper-Soy Based. natural soy based non-toxic product for effective removal of paint, shellac, varnish from most wood and metal surfaces.' - 22  
  Paint Stripper main    
Why Removall should be your paint stripper of choice: etc, etc. Multiple layers removed with one application (to bare metal etc); Stripper works without constant  
  PreTox lead based-paint removal -Product Use Guidelines for ...    
Some suggestions follow. Metal Surfaces: Agitate or rough up stripper/paint layer on the surface with a wire brush without attempting removal.  
  Coatings & Compounds    
Flotation Foam, Flourescents, Galvanizing. Metal Treatment, Non Skid, Paint Stripper. Primers, Reducers, Repair and Refinishing Pr. Sealants, Surface Prep, Topcoats.  
  Strip-Tox abatement lead paint removal stripper    
Strip-Tox abatement lead paint removal stripper is a revolutionary new paint remover that combines Back works on a multitude of surfaces including metal, wood, brick, plaster, masonry, stone  
  PASCO - Proactive Applied Solutions Corporation - LEADX - Heavy ...    
LEADX® is a dry granular chemical additive used for in-situ treatment of Heavy Metal contaminated material. Chemical lead paint stripper.  
  Stripping Painted Furniture    
to pulp the second they touch solvent.You'll also need a collection of scraping and scrubbing tools to remove the paint/stripper sludge. Use metal scrapers and  
  Hegstrip - safe biodegradable paint-stripper & adhesive remover: ...    
BIODEGRADABLE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PAINT STRIPPER AND ADHESIVE marble, quartz, painted metal (eg automobiles varnish, permanent marker, paint, wood stain  
  Auto-PakTM Power Rust and Paint Stripper, 3MTM    
For removing rust, scale, paint from metal. (Construction and Home Improvement Markets Division) Auto-Pak TM power rust and paint stripper - Home & Leisure,_3M(TM)_(NA)_00.jhtml  
  ACES, Chevelle World, Vol 1 No 5, Bare Essentials    
or aircraft paint stripper. Either way, don't use bead blasting just because it's easier; you'll end up destroying the original texture of the component metal.  
  PF Online Feature Article - Stripping Powder Coatings    
most aluminums, One product is used for multi-metal processing. Most paint sheets off in entire layers, similar to stripping Hot Alkaline Stripper, New Stripper.  
  FOCUS DO IT ALL - Advice - Project Guides - Woodwork    
when using paint stripper. Wear gloves and protective eye goggles. Work in a well ventilated area and never smoke. Always follow the maker's directions. Metal.  
  Cortec Metal Treatments    
Cortec ® pro-environmental products for metal treatments also include biodegradable cleaners and non-polluting paint stripper.  
  Painting our Suzuki RM125 1976    
To start with we stripped the old paint (a fetching shade of blue) using a metal paint stripper. This was fairly easy and took about two coats of stripper.  
  Paint and Wallpaper: Preparing Wood - Hometime    
However, they won't shave off the old stripper as well as a metal scraper. If any old paint remains, reapply stripper as often as needed to remove all  
  Plating and Metal Finishing :: View topic - Masking areas where ...    
t want plated, then remove the lacquer with paint stripper after plating Just any 'ol spray laquer paint? 48Buick Metal Finishing Guru Joined: 13 May 2002 Posts  
  Please title this page. (paint.htm)    
- Jim PAINT STRIPPER EXPERIENCES(050202 From: Paul Smith Subject: paint remover Dear I started with a heavy duty metal pain stripper - bringing a touch of aloha to the world wide web    
First step would be to buy the supplies needed to polish the ZQ8 rims. This would include some paint stripper, sand paper, metal polish, and some rags.  
  Ultra-Strip product label    
brick, stone, masonry, marble, metal and veneers (DO NOT use on of thumb, the greater the layers of paint, the longer the product should be left on. The stripper will usually remove 8-12  
  Paint Stripper / Coating Remover (UK)    
Removall - environment-friendly worker-safe paint stripper / coating remover. Effective on with one application (to bare metal etc) Stripper works without constant intervention allowing  
  Paint Stripper - UK    
Particularly effective paint stripper for removing oil-based paints and varnishes (including polyurethane) from wood metal  
  2000 S10 Daily Driver    
cut away too much metal. You want a semi-snug fit. When you are happy with how the plate fits, remove the surrounding paint with some paint stripper and weld  
  EaCo Chem Inc. | Paint Removal | Stripper Cream |    
EaCo Chem Inc. manufactures cleaning compounds for the construction, restoration not try to save on paint stripper, and 2) do not masonry, wood, or metal. Apply the stripper from the top  
  Parks Corporation - Paint/Finish Removers    
To Use: Step 1: Pour Pro Stripper into a glass or metal container. Use an inexpensive, natural bristle color and character that harsh stripper or paint remover can destroy. This special  
  2000 S10 Daily Driver    
all the paint with paint stripper. Then I roughed up the whole surface area with a 24 grit sanding disk. Doing this will make the bondo bite into the metal.  
  Tips and list for exteriors at movingimproving    
If the brass has a dull, uneven look, use a gel paint stripper to remove the old lacquer and Coat rusted and bare metal with an anti-rust, one coat metal paint.  
  Yahoo! Groups : southbendlathe Messages : 3401-3500 of 10050    
southbendlathe · Share information about your South Bend Metal Lathe, [ Join This Group! ]. Home, 3401, Re: TSP as paint stripper, David Audette, Tue 2/26/2002, 4 KB.  
  Alcolin Paint Stripper. Technical Information    
Do not dilute ALCOLIN PAINT STRIPPER. Apply ALCOLIN PAINT STRIPPER to the surface, with a for approx. 15 minutes until paint or coating has softened. Use a metal scraper to remove the softened  
  Shop for Paint and Rust Stripper by 3M at    
Shop for Paint/Rust Stripper Kits 4` Diameter - Carded # Of Discs = 2 1/4", 3/8", 1/2") for removing paint from wood and metal surfaces. Features Scotch-Brite abrasive web that will  
  Caswell Inc. - Permatex® Cleaners    
Cleans iron, steel, aluminum, magnesium and copper. Not harmful to metal, rubber, plastic or concrete. Prod 80079 - $3.29. Permatex® Decal & Paint Stripper  
  Shop for Paint Stripper by Black & Decker Power Tools at    
1/4` Shank Paint/Rust Strippers Carded Home - Paint Stripper by Black & Decker Power Tools Paint Stripper by Black easy removal of paint, rust and scale on wood, metal and plastic. 1/4  
  clayart - thread 'paint stripper/ heat gun / fast drying clay'    
paint stripper/ heat gun / fast drying clay. updated thu 27 jun 02. On= wood bats t keep the bat moist. Ditto metal wheelheads.  
  e-Train - TCA, Toy Trains, Train Collectors Association    
metal. It looks like the previous owner disassembled the train in this manner. At the recommendation of Joe Mania, I used "Citrusstrip" as my paint stripper.  
  Natural Metal Finishes    
aircraft subjects I went about finding out how to paint "natural metal finish" (NMF). Under no circumstances use "Diosol" as a paint-stripper to "strip" off an  
You need a supply of rags, paint stripper, steel wool and cold bluing should you choose not have the metal professionally blued.  
  Power Prime    
Ferrous Metal - Lead-based paint on industrial and structural steel should be removed after selecting the most effective Piranha ® chemical stripper.  
  Painting Your Bicycle    
Painting Your Bicycle. Stripper, Metal Prep, Primer, Paint, Clearcoat, Polish. You can paint your own frame with quite good results.  
  23duuk (Page 90)    
It's best not to use a hot-air stripper as the metal underneath disperses the heat away from the target area before the paint can soften properly.  
You will need to dip your redline casting in paint stripper Once you have stripped all the paint off the casting you I use a metal polish to shine up the surface  
Gilbert did not prime his metal parts prior to painting. The sandpaper. For large jobs, use a rotary paint stripper from an auto parts store.
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