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  Environmentally Friendly Paint Stripper    
A new generation of environmentally safe paint stripper that works. A formulation developed by some of Canada's leading chemists. Non toxic, methylene chloride free, and biodegradable.  
  BioShield Non Toxic Products - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)    
the highest standards with regard to: Gentle extraction of raw materials Non-polluting manufacture Q: Does TAKETI Organic Stripper strip lead paint 100%?  
  Sourcebook: Paints, Finishes and Adhesives    
TX 78265 (210) 657-5321 "non-toxic" latex paint. 6169 (254) 776-4878 retail store carrying non-toxic finishes and Memphis, TN 38101 (901) 775-0100 stripper 3M Do  
  The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. General Product Info    
Non-toxic. FDA approved mildewcide. Comes in pints, quarts, and gallons. We also carry Behlen's PDE Milk Paint Stripper in one pound cans. Ingredients.  
  Paint removers made from soybeans    
Product Description: SoyClean Paint Stripper is a natural, soy-based, non-toxic product for effective removal of paint, shellac, varnish and acrylic lacquer  
  StripAll Antique Sales & Refinishing,Stripping    
Safe Non-Toxic email us StripAll Antique Sales & Refinishing $13./bag makes 1qt or $44./gallon of paint $8.95/bag makes 1/2 gallon of stripper Milk paint FAQ  
  Energy and Water Solutions - natural plant based paints, stains ...    
These non toxic products will not harm our natural All paint products are non petrochemical derived. Bio Paint Stripper I Litre: $23.00 4 Litre: $62.00,  
  Natural Paint Manufacturers    
seedlac, oils, waxes, adhesives, thinner, paint stripper, wood grain is a traditional, long-lasting paint made from It is a natural, non-toxic product that  
  Elgene Chemicals - Industrial Cleaning Products and Safety ...    
22 Skidoo Alkaline paint stripper, deruster and etchant. Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, Non-Abrasive, Non-Flamable.  
  WM6005 Store Hazardous Products Safely    
Non-pesticide product label requirements, Danger: the product is extremely flammable, extremely corrosive Solvent-based paint stripper — toxic and flammable.  
  Keep Nebraska Beautiful | Household Hazardous Waste    
Use a washing soda or non-chlorine bleach. Use less toxic alternatives for household products Paint stripper (lye-based); Photographic chemicals; Rust remover  
  Washtenaw County's Home Toxics Center    
floor wax/stripper; fluorescent tubes/bulbs; furniture polish; Asked Questions for information on paint disposal car batteries and most non-contaminated automotive  
  Cleaning Products From A to Z: P    
stays-in-place) paint stripper which can be used on vertical or horizontal surfaces and holds paint for easy removal. It's NON-TOXIC, NON-EVAPORATIVE aspects  
  Washtenaw County Home Toxics Reduction Center    
use non-toxic alternatives artist and hobby paint; asphalt and roofing tar; break fluid; floor wax/stripper; fluorescent tubes/bulbs; furniture polish; gasoline; home  
  Ready Strip    
It's non-toxic, and non-caustic. It forms a seal over the paint that keeps the stripper layer moist, so you can slop it on and forget it for days without  
logo). The following manufacturers advertise non-toxic paints: LIVOS Plant Chemistry Canada. 1393. Paint stripper: SAFEST STRIPPER.  
  Green Home    
Safety Commission (CPSC): cleaners, non-chlorine bleach make products hazardous: "Toxic :" poisonous or pesticides, solvents, paint stripper"Flammable:" catches  
  Flitz Metal Polish Fiberglass & Paint Restorer    
Flitz is non-toxic, non-acidic, and non-abrasive, which makes it very The lacquer must be removed with a stripper and then the metal is ready to polish.  
  Understanding Common Paint and Finish Strippers    
Although MC is non-flammable it is also toxic and a have a heart condition, avoid using a paint remover with The semi-paste stripper is often used for vertical  
  Healthy School Program-Hazardous Materials    
furniture polishes, pool chemicals, paint stripper, paints and the product is corrosive, toxic, reactive or school supplies are labelled as non-toxic, they may  
  Conversion Varnish and Paint Stripper, Non Toxic Cleaner, P&D ...    
Non-Toxic, Safe all purpose cleaners, degreasers, spot and stain removers and paint and varnish stripper that are alternative to hazardous cleaning products  
  paints and varnishes    
new super-conductive wallpaint uses non toxic nickel pigment to drying, non-yellowing and non-tacky when It is more efficient than conventional paint stripper.  
  A Guide to Safe Management of Household Hazardous Waste    
Paint remover/stripper, Heat guns may be used for removing Save the ammonia to be used again. Furniture polish, Make a non-toxic polish by melting 1 tbsp.  
  Environmentally Friendly Paint Stripper, Non Toxic Paint Remover, Environmentally Safe Stripper -    
the environmentally friendly paint stripper or remover. Our paint stripper is None 6. Use Paint stripper for aerospace aircraft paint, epoxy Air Pollutant) Toxic or Hazardous substances. [ back  
  ... Friendly Products , Environmentally Friendly Paint Stripper, Non Toxic Paint Remover, Environmentally Safe ...    
such as the environmentally friendly paint stripper Our Environmentally Friendly Paint Stripper product is an example of EFS-2500 Environmentally Friendly Paint Stripper. The results  
Soy Strip™ - Paint stripper -: Covers 200 sq.ft/gal & is reusable; Safe, hardworking stripper for marine gel, holds on vertical surfaces; Non-toxic to marine  
  Greensolv Online - JetStrip: Premium, non-toxic, biodegradeable paint stripper    
A premium, non-toxic, biodegradeable paint stripper designed to exceed the high standards of the aviation and aerospace industry or chromate and non-corrosive to metal JETSTRIP is very  
  Paint Stripper (UK)    
worker-safe paint stripper / coating remover. Effective be your paint stripper of choice: SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT BENEFITS Water based Does not burn the skin Non toxic, non carcinogenic Non  
  OCRRA Household Hazardous Waste Collection Days    
Onondaga County residents prevent potentially toxic materials from Non-hazardous products (ie soap thinner, turpentine, brush cleaner, paint stripper, and wood  
  Google Directory - Business > Construction and Maintenance > ... A non-methalyene chloride paint stripper used in Oikos srl - Italian Safe Non-toxic Coatings and Products - http://www,_Floor_and_Decorative_Finishes/Paint/  
  WDNR - Air Quality and Health    
Some non-criteria pollutants contribute to acid rain, and Examples of regulated toxic air pollutants include: benzene used as a solvent and paint stripper by a  
  Paint Stripper / Coating Remover (UK)    
worker-safe paint stripper / coating remover. Effective be your paint stripper of choice: SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT BENEFITS Water based Does not burn the skin Non toxic, non carcinogenic Non  
  Hegstrip - safe biodegradable paint-stripper adhesive remover: environmentally friendly    
safe, biodegradable environmentally-friendly paint stripper & adhesive remover, from Oil Cleaning Reduces environmental impacts Essentially non-toxic Hegstrip consists of very heavy-duty, but  
  3M Canada Home and Leisure : 3M™ Safest Stripper™ Paint and Varnish Remover    
any finish. A non-toxic alternative to caustic paint and varnish removers - can be used per case 3M™ Safest Stripper™ is a non-toxic alternative to caustic paint and varnish removers. Powerful  
  Reduce Trash When You Shop    
low environmental impacts: non-carcinogenic, non-toxic and no They are less toxic — and cheaper, too. water-based paint, stains, finishes and paint stripper.  
  3M Government Solutions : 3M™ Safest Stripper™ Paint and Varnish Remover    
3M™ Safest Stripper™ is a non-toxic alternative to caustic paint and varnish removers. Powerful enough to strip 3M™ Safest Stripper™ is a non-toxic alternative to caustic paint and varnish  
  Paint Stripper    
Project Polishing Tips Paint Stripper User Forum About the Company Paint Stripper We often get There are several non-toxic strippers available. Non-toxic meaning they aren’t the usual  
  Hazardous Products    
paints, varnishes, stains paint thinner / stripper car batteries t sell all those products if they weren't safe." Like the term "non-toxic," "safe" is  
  United Soybean Board    
SoyPower Graffiti Remover A natural soy-based, non-toxic product for effective removal of Take Off Green A biobased paint stripper made with soybeans and corn.  
  Household Hazardous Products    
meets any federal regulations for non-toxicity used with flammable products (furniture stripper, paint remover, etc eliminate all contact with toxic materials we  
  Special reports on    
such as methylene chloride, a common paint stripper -- have been known to be toxic to humans Group, a researchand policy-oriented non-profit organization  
  Healthy Home Services : Renovations - 3-in-1 Adhesive    
Lawn Care. 3-in-1 Adhesive This is an all-purpose water-based adhesive that is low odour and non-toxic. ·. Paint Stripper. ··. Paints - Semi-gloss. ··.  
  ACL Staticide Products, Staticide General Purpose, Heavy Duty, ...    
Anti-Static Acrylic Floor Floor Stripper, Staticide Primer/Sealer for ESD Paint ACL 10R Primer is clear, penetrating ready to use non-toxic primer that  
  Oil Cleaning Bio-Products: degreasing, oil spill kits, ...    
Paint stripper. avoid the environmental and health and safety problems of many other paint strippers on Firstly, all our products are non-toxic and safe to use.  
  Identification of Certain RCRA Wastes ??? the F-Spent Solvent, P ...    
spent because of use as a paint stripper would be The F004 code includes other non-halogenated solvents this listing because they are toxic: cresols, cresylic  
  Floor Stripper "Ultra" Specification Sheet    
is a concentrated, environmentally friendly concrete floor stripper. Use it to remove grease, paint, acrylics, epoxies Is not irritating to skin; Is non-toxic.  
  Buy Green: Lists of Green Products    
chloride paint stripper that can be used in lead abatement, refinishing and restoration projects. Ameristrip is biodegradable, water washable and non-toxic.  
  graffiti removal products    
A - Yes, once again our 800 Fast Acting Stripper will remove remove up to thirty layers of old paint over a A - Yes, we have several non toxic water based wax  
  PreTox lead based-paint removal -Product Use Guidelines for ...    
  Radon Mitigation and Waterproofing Concrete Sealer    
The toxic black mold (Stachybotrys) is quite rare Impermeable (non-breathing) paints like epoxies or urethanes FAQ's for tips and paint stripper.) We gladly  
  This page requires JavaScript. If you are using a Javascript ...    
Non-Certified Centers will not accept used motor oil Hotline number is 1-800-98-TOXIC or 1 substances such as gasoline, antifreeze, paint stripper or pesticides  
changes, recycling, and substitution of non- hazardous or and off-site transfer of toxic chemicals by which is primarily used as a paint stripper and accounts  
  Home & Office    
Paint Stripper Soy-Gel™ GREAT FOR LEAD BASED PAINT & EFFECTIVE, removes multiple layers of paint, works in as for indoor use, non-evaporative, non-toxic, safe  
  Household Hazardous Waste    
Select water-based latex and non-toxic paint products over oil-based Mercury Paint Stripper Paint Thinner Paraquat Pentachlorophenol Paris Green Photographic  
  Non-Toxic Paint & Varnish Removers    
technologically advanced, environmentally friendly paint and varnish stripper. It is user friendly 98 Ready Strip (GA)Ready Strip non-toxic paint and varnish remover in gallon container (for  
with Adobe Acrobat Watch a SARA Paint Stripper work (quick download) Selective Adhesion Release the surface. While SARA products are completely non-toxic, the coating removed may have to be  
  Paint, Varnish & Wallpaper Stripper / Remover - UK    
A wide range of paint & varnish removers, and wallpaper removers for From £18.99 Home Strip Paint and Varnish Remover Unique patented non-toxic, water-based paint and varnish remover  
  22 Skidoo - Alkaline Stripper, Deruster and Etchant    
22 Skidoo Alkaline Stripper, Deruster and Etchant ink and dye stripper 22 Skidoo Alkaline paint stripper, deruster and etchant resistance Crystal Simple Green Non-Toxic, Non-Ionic  
  Paint stripper    
Message Board ] [ Archive ] [ FAQ ]Subject Title: Paint stripper Posted by Henry in MI probably OK but I prefer a non-toxic, biodegradable stripper. Just glob some on, let it sit for an hour  
  Alcolin Paint Stripper. Technical Information    
STRIPPER is a multi-purpose paint and coating remover, which is non-flammable, super strong and quick copious amounts of water. ALCOLIN PAINT STRIPPER is toxic, if ingested DO NOT induce    
water-based paint remover that is biodegradable, non-toxic, user friendly `s RemovAll? environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic paint stripper on October 17th and November 14th  
s Floor Stripper is a strong non-ammoniated, phophate-free Cleans and Disinfects Non Toxic Nonflammable Fast Drying Non Streaking Convenient Dispenser CONDUCTIVE LATEX PAINT A durable latex  
  Public Works Department / Services / Tips / more...    
several small containers together in a non-returnable box Many toxic products have not been tested for solvents (such as wood stain, paint stripper and paint  
  K Toys Catalogue - Page 10    
NON-TOXIC PAINTS. Application Technique. If brushes go hard use brush renovator or paint stripper to soften them, then rinse well with water before use.  
  US Army Corp.: Napier    
The results showed that the non-toxic chemical stripper Removall 210 and removing LBP at a cost that is competitive with other paint removal techniques  
  MARCH, 2003 2 5 1 4 8 4 9 34    
$14.50 * 3192655 Klein Curve Wire Stripper $15.00 $ 14 50 9 50 Simple Green Degreaser Biodegradable and non-toxic. From 1001114 Striping Paint - Yellow 18 oz.  
  Hazard Substitutes    
Sprays Use a fly swatter of non toxic fly paper. Furniture Stripper Use an electric sander, sandpaper or heat Stains Use latex paint or natural pigment finishes  
  Hegstrip - safe biodegradable paint-stripper & adhesive remover: ...    
SAFE BIODEGRADABLE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PAINT STRIPPER AND ADHESIVE Strips hardened paint. Strips cured Reduces environmental impacts. Essentially non-toxic.  
non-toxic, virtually odorless, non-irritating and cost effective products that were designed to revolutionize the chemical paint & coating stripper process.  
  Material Substitution Degreasers/Cleaners    
Crystal Simple Green: concentrated non-toxic/biodegradable cleaner non hazardous heavy duty cleaners, non hazardous paint stripper, solvent recovery  
  Summitville Tiles, Inc.    
SL-86G Vertical Grade Tile Stripper Short Form Specifications. SL-90 is fast-drying and non-toxic. borne stains, greasy food stains, paint drips, cosmetics and - Environmental Tips    
in a two pack system and individual components may be toxic. Painted, non-porous and sealed surfaces are the easiest to 2. Apply commercial paint stripper.  
  Home and Garden Television: Remodeling    
5. Before continuing, clean off any stripper residue using rubbing Don't worry about getting all the paint off off by running a bead of non-toxic acrylic caulk,1797,HGTV_3659_1745306,00.html  
  Product Guide    
Thixotropic, water rinsable paint stripper. How good is it? POLISH STRIPPER. Strips old floor wax coatings. SAFE – NON-CAUSTIC – NON-CHLORINE – NON-TOXIC.  
  Home and Garden Television: Preparation    
If your paint stripper produces hazardous fumes, be sure to work in a based strippers are faster, but they're more toxic and flammable; non-solvent-based,1797,HGTV_3767_1374312,00.html  
  (S) MSDSs From Manufacturers    
Non-toxic, no-lead resin based, colored sand Toll free, fax, and email request only. Paint stripper Online and phone request only Starlite Paint & Varnish Co.  
  New Uses Council    
The new biodegradable "Soy Gel" paint stripper is available from the developer, Franmar Chemical, Inc Odorless, non-toxic Soy Gel is safe to use with bare hands  
with baking soda degreasers U S detergents paint stripper U S sand or scrape paint Auto Repair of the known substitutes, not all are completely non-toxic.  
  Conserv*A*Store Product Index    
02-0173 - Paint Stripper-Soy Based, $8.99 'A natural soy based non-toxic product for effective removal of paint, shellac, varnish from most wood and metal  
  Floor Stripper 90 Specification Sheet    
Concentrated Floor Stripper 90 Coating Remover Report Card Non-toxicess. Paint and Varnish Remover for Furniture: Floor Stripper 90 does an excellent  
  Dialog-Derwent Biotech. [Dialog-Derwent Biotech.]    
of colloidal polyester polyurethane as a first step towards development of a enzyme-based paint stripper formula that is biodegradable and non toxic.  
  paint stripper    
Board ] [ Archive ] [ FAQ ]Subject Title: paint stripper Posted by Henry in MI on September Wally. Citristrip is an environmentally safe, non-toxic stripper and a good product but there are  
  Conserv*A*Store Paint Stripper-Soy Based    
T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z] Paint Stripper-Soy Based Part Number: 02-0173 Price A natural soy based non-toxic product for effective removal of paint, shellac, varnish from most wood and metal  
  Barcroft Neighborhood    
We have found a citrus paint stripper called Citristrip to have also had good success with paint thinner. Our most recent non-toxic experiment is Go-Jo Natural  
  Milk Paint Product Bulletin    
neutralize any residues left by the stripper by wiping why we developed Clear Coat, a non-toxic, clear satin water-borne acrylic that darkens the paint least of  
  matronics list archive: Re: Yak-List: Paint stripper    
Hypermail Development List Archives> > > Thanks guys, > > There was this paint stripper for boats called peelaway and was non-toxic. > You applied this paste to the surface to be  
  PreTox 7000 Paint Stripper Data Sheet    
7000 Paint Stripper renders lead based paint non-hazardous for disposal of lead leachability. PRETOX 7000 PAINT STRIPPER DOES NOT RENDER OLD PAINT NON-TOXIC, IT REDUCES THE LEACHABILITY OF  
  Non Toxic Surface Treatments    
its working life. Manufacturers tend to play down this problem.) Paint and Varnish Stripper Woodfinishers' Pride is a non-toxic and biodegradable paint and varnish stripper, for use with recycled  
  Instructional Module: Hidden Hazards for the Home Remodeler    
Your House, Your Health - A Non-Toxic Building Guide, The Power sand or dry scrape the paint - releases large leaves a lead residue (and stripper is toxic);  
  Jamestown Distributors -- Boatbuilding and Woodworking Supplies ...    
Paint Stripper These products are biodegradable, non-flammable, and much safer to use than traditional paint removers. They contain no harsh, toxic or  
  Arts and Crafts Can Be Hazardous, NF93-125    
Therefore, materials which could cause long-term toxicity could carry a "non-toxic" label. Paint Thinner and Stripper (Remover): Toluene, chlorinated  
  Devoe Coatings    
The formulation is a clear, non toxic liquid with an inoffensive odor. HYDROSTRIP 500 A high performance waterborne paint stripper that can remove high  
Controls for Emissions from Paint Stripper Formulation Facilities Industrial Classification TRIS = Toxic Chemical Release L = Liquid Waste (non-aqueous waste  
  Press articles - What the press say about us.    
Going straight to the heart of the home is truly innovative Home Strip, a paint stripper. Unlike so many non-toxic try-hard products, it works." Antonia
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