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  Ready Strip Outlet - Wood Paint Stripper    
Free tips for a safer home environment. Ready Strip paint stripper makes your job as easy as 1-2-3. 1. Apply, 2. Remove 3. Clean up.
  Klean Strip    
offering paint removers, paint thinner, paint and varnish strippers, solvents, wood and concrete protectors, and wood refinishing products.
  http://www.kleanstrip.com/ Yahoo! Directory  
  Varnish, paint stripper, furniture refinishing, wood stain, ...    
varnish, paint stripper, furniture refinishing, wood stain, finishes, lacquer, wood dyes, tung oil, woodworking glue, spray equipment, sanding disks, shellac
  Healthy Home Services : Renovations - Citristrip-Paint Stripper    
Citristrip-Paint Stripper This easy to use stripping gel effectively removes paint and varnish from wood, metal and masonry. Citristrip
  AmeriStrip Paint Stripper for Lead abatement, wood boat ...    
a 90 year old house that is just full of lead-based paint and your stripper went through off the test area to find beautiful, deep dark wood underneath in
  Western Wood Doctor Paint Stripper, Howard Orange Oil, Howard ...    
We feature a variety of wood care and metal polish products including paint and varnish remover, Tung Oil Natural Finish, Howard's Orange Oil, Howard's Feed-N
  Western Wood Doctor Refinisher Paint Stripper and Varnish Remover ...    
Western Wood Doctor Refinisher Contains No Methylene Chloride Western Wood Doctor Refinisher is a paint stripper and more. It quickly
  Re: Wood/furniture paint stripper    
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  Re: Wood/furniture paint stripper    
Thread Index] Re: Wood/furniture paint stripper. Subject: Re: Wood/furniture paint stripper; From: "David Herb" ;
  The Silent Paint Remover paint stripper is fast and cheap    
Plastic paint straight on wood? The reason is that old oil-based paint is harder than the wood and thick layers of plastic paint are more tenacious than wood.
  JV Barrett Limited - Barrettine Woodcare. Specialists in Wood ...    
  Ready Strip furniture paint varnish stripper    
days. Ready Strip paint and varnish stripper dissolves old paint and varnish without even raising the grain on the wood. Ready Strip
  PROSOCO, Inc.    
Heavy Duty Paint Stripper contains no methanol, methylene chloride, or and highly effective on many common paint coatings. Will raise the grain of wood.
  PROSOCO, Inc.    
Heavy Duty Paint Stripper D contains no methanol, or methylene chloride, and Nonflammable and highly effective on many common paint coatings Do not use on wood.
  Re: Wood/furniture paint stripper    
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  Paint Stripper for Concrete    
This paint remover is also ideal for stripping bricks, furniture, wood, and other surfaces. (It is labeled as a stripper for wood, its most common use.).
  Paint Stripper, basic instructions Stripping furniture    
Citristrip Paint Stripper Wash. Removes residues from wood, metal and masonry. Prepares stripped surface for finishing. Pleasant orange scent.
  Star 10 Paint Stripper Products    
In most cases if the wood is in good condition, no sanding will be a follow up to Phase 1 Semi-Paste when removing paint, Phase 2 Liquid Stripper will clean
  Painting accessories, paint strippers, Wagner airless sprayers, ...    
A wide assortment of supplies including Wagner airless sprayers, paint stripper, and brushes and if you plan to get down to the bare wood, paint strippers like
  Stripping Supplies and Tools Wood Working Supplies    
The irregular shape of this fine Easy Stripper tool makes of latex, oil, lead-based paint, some epoxies, urethanes, and vinyls from wood, metal, plaster
  McGuckin Hardware / Project Tips / Paints / Refinishing Wood ...    
To prepare the surface for refinishing, on coated wood, use a deck finish remover, a conventional paint stripper or use sandpaper to remove the old coating.
  Stripping paint from exterior wood    
the best stripping sys- tems for exterior wood. We do know that the best surface to re- paint is one that has been sanded and has no leftover stripper.
  Use of Paint Removers or Strippers On Wood Furniture    
Finish Removal on Wood Furniture The Correct Use of Paint Removers or Stripper Directions for HAND Stripping. * Work with plenty of ventilation, safety goggles or glases, and skin protection. Stay
  Strypit Paint & Varnish Stripper    
Strypit Paint and Varnish Stripper For use on Wood, Metal, Glass, Plaster Strypit is a powerful paint remover for all paints, enamels, celluloses, stoved enamels, emulsion paints, synthetic
Ask about our certification seminars! Page 2. Note: on wood, be certain to remove the 800 Paint Stripper as soon as the paint has been dissolved.
  Paint and Wallpaper: Preparing Wood - Hometime    
Scraping Wood. In many cases, much of the spent stripper and the old paint will pull off the wood when you pull off the plastic covering.
It does not pit or corrode aluminum or other metals. Sea Hawk Marine Paint Stripper is safe for all wood surfaces as well. This
  Hegstrip - safe biodegradable paint-stripper & adhesive remover: ...    
SAFE BIODEGRADABLE ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PAINT STRIPPER AND ADHESIVE REMOVER. expanding foam sealant, varnish, permanent marker, paint, wood stain, nail
  http://bluelightning.zoovy.com/ : RESTORATION PRODUCTS    
shine,polish,blue magic,blue magic polish,wheel polish,chrome polish,brass,silver,gold,protectant,brite shield,paint remover,wood stripper,corvette,corvette
  Removing Products    
& Varnish Remover This sprayable paint stripper is formulated quickly and easily remove paint, varnish, lacquer suited for heavily ornamented wood surfaces and
  Seymour of Sycamore | News | Pro-grade Graffiti & Paint Stripper    
You need a pro-grade paint stripper to return your for home use, capable of stripping paint and varnish from furniture, metal and other wood surfaces.
  PreTox lead based-paint removal -Product Use Guidelines for ...    
Remove from decorative wood using the same techniques as those for plaster. Masonry: Concrete Surfaces: Remove bulk of stripper/paint with a stiff putty knife
  PreTox lead based-paint removal -Product Overview    
PreTox 7000 Paint Stripper renders lead based paint non-hazardous Environmentally advanced in design, this stripper CONTAINS NO METHYLENE Steel Structures; Wood.
  The Upside & Downside Of Paint Stripper Safety    
the detailed parts of the wood have even more paint or finish on them than the rest - people keep redoing it to make sure it's right. With a stripper like this
  How to Prepare Your Wood Deck    
64 15 Minute Quik-Fix ® Deck Finish Remover & Wood Resurfacer*, a conventional paint stripper or sandpaper to remove old coating.
  DIY Article    
Use a plastic putty-knife (figure H) for scraping away the stripper and paint or varnish. Try to select one that won't mar the surface of wood, and use caution
  DIY Article    
of the paint, clean up any leftover patches with steel wool or burlap dipped in fresh paint stripper. Neutralize the stripper by washing the wood with water or
Paint Stripper - For use on all solvent based paints Wallpaper Stripper - For use on all types of wallcovering deep into brick, stone, masonry or wood to provide
Ceiling - roller painting Chemical paint stripper Choosing paint Clean Clean brushes Clean old paintwork Clean rollers Clean windows Cleaning up Colouring wood.
  Furniture refinishing supplies, from stripper to finish and in ...    
Finish and Paint Stripper. Hardware has a great variety of finish and paint strippers, including or for sealing unfinished furniture or any raw wood that you're
  400ml Paint Stripper Or Gasket Removing Spray - Draper - Mustang ...    
400ml Paint Stripper Or Gasket Removing Spray. For removal of paint and varnish from wood, metal GRP, ceramic and other surfaces including most cellulose
  United Soybean Board    
SoyClean Paint Stripper SoyClean Paint Stripper is a natural, soy product for effective removal of paint, shellac, varnish auto, marine and most wood and metal
  Paint Stripper    
Wood Finishing Products Paint Stripper Nitromors Master Craftsman is a paint and varnish remover. Because it is free flowing it is ideal for getting into mouldings and carved wood, it
  POR-15 PAINT REMOVER/STRIPPER - Product Directions and Cautions    
POR-15 Paint Over Rust. Perfect for rusty metal. Auto, car or film. POR-15 Paint Remover/Stripper will NOT damage the following: Glass, Duct Tape, Wood, Glue, Veneer, Rubber*, Leather
  Paint Stripper, Air Dry System, Baking Systems Drum Liner, Floor Coating, Shop Primer, Lacquer Primer, Molecular ...    
range from environmentally friendly paint strippers to baking m-tc.com. Conventional Paint Stripper (777-Series) This product is especially formulated for wood coatings remover and steel
  Popular Woodworking Magazine    
If wet-sanding doesn’t solve the problem, you’ll have to strip the stain using paint stripper or the thinner for the stain. Then resand the wood and begin
  Calch Ty-Mawr Lime - Paint Products - page 5    
It inhibits infestation by fungi and insects in all types of wood Product Availability, Price Ex VAT, Price Inc VAT. 750ml, £24.05, £28.26. Paint Stripper.
  K & E Coating Remover Safety Paint Stripper and Graffiti Remover ...    
This is done on wood by lightly sanding, and on other surfaces by agitating and soapy water. Page 3. manufactures another paint stripper formula called DBX.
  olympic stain Clement's paint decorating coating faux finish ...    
Olympic Stain Exterior Wood surface. finishing painted austin painting paints decorating coating olympic paints industrial coating paint stripper olympic stain
Paint Stripper/Remover. a safe remover that can penetrate multiple coats of bottom paint in ONE for removing varnishes and polyurethane from fine wood surfaces.
Readystrip will not damage plaster or wood (discolor or raise the grain Do you really understand the difference between paint strippers? It's a Safer stripper.
or when working with intricate designs in the wood. Wool pads (#2). Helpful for removing the stripper or old are good both for holding the paint remover while
  Stripping Painted Furniture    
between the wood and paint; most finishes will come off in sheets. For tough paints, we carefully scratche the surface of the finish to help the stripper get
  EaCo Chem Inc. | Paint Removal | Stripper Cream |    
EaCo Chem Inc. manufactures cleaning compounds for the construction, restoration record on wood stripping and repainting. Stripper Cream also has try to save on paint stripper, and 2) do
  Strip-Tox abatement lead paint removal stripper    
Strip-Tox abatement lead paint removal stripper is a revolutionary new paint remover that combines Back works on a multitude of surfaces including metal, wood, brick, plaster, masonry, stone
  Ultra-Strip product label    
exterior surfaces including wood, plaster, concrete, brick, stone of thumb, the greater the layers of paint, the longer the product should be left on. The stripper will usually remove 8-12
  How to use Star 10 Stripper products    
Step 3. Occasionally paint or stains will have penetrated the wood grain, especially with oak. Re-wet such surfaces with Phase 2 Liquid Stripper and massage
  Bird Brand - Paint Stripper    
A water washable paint/varnish stripper for removing enamels, polyurethane, emulsion and many other types. It works on wood and metal and because it is quite
  Yahoo! Groups : restorerscorner Messages : 201-300 of 306    
250, Re: Paint Stripper, nigelttf, nigelttf, Wed 5/24/2000, 2 KB. 258, custom staining new wood to look old? f7_9159, f7_9159, Fri 8/11/2000, 2 KB.
  POR-15 Rust Preventive Paint - Stop Rust Permanently    
POR-15 Paint Remover/Stripper will NOT damage the following: Glass, Duct Tape, Wood, Glue, Veneer, Rubber*, Leather**, Brass, Steel, Plaster Walls, Wicker
  HuddsOnline, Waxing & Oiling Wood    
methylated spirits over the wood to remove the old finish. POLYURETHANE AND CELLULOSE FINISHES Use a solvent-based varnish remover or paint stripper to remove
  What You Should Know About Using Paint Strippers    
alkalis -- Caustic alkalis react with the paint coating and the chemicals in this type of stripper is sodium because caustic products can darken wood and raise
  I want to remove...    
For emulsion paint applied directly onto otherwise unpainted wood, blackboard paints, polyurethane varnishes etc, Stripper NB-510 works well.
  Wood Floor Stenciling    
Rubber gloves; Paint stripper (or rent a sander); Chalk line; Yard stick; T Craft knife; Spray adhesive; Wood stains; Soft cloths; Painting pad; Clear polyurethane or
  Stripping paint from wood    
Chemical stripper available for DIY use can be fairly expensive, so their use coats of paint where one application can remove the paint back to bare wood.
  Wood Stripping    
With the paint brush, liberally cover all of the finished part of the wood with the stripper. For large, flat pieces, strip one side at a time.
  Bricks and Brass: Wood Floors    
Victorian and Edwardian houses usually had dark stained wood floors so the modern fad scraper or No 5 grade wire wool, with a little paint stripper, to remove
  Za to b of Interior Wood Work ­ Solid Timber & Veneer Finishers    
of gaining a clean prepared surface for both Veneer and Solid Wood. old finish from veneer timber ­ commence by applying automotive paint stripper with a
  Sikkens: Simply Beautiful Woodcare Products For Your Wood Home    
to know if I can fill the holes with a mix of Sikkens and wood filler. It will require the use of a paint stripper/remover or it can be carefully scraped off
  ImproveNet Inc.: Advice & Resources > Message Boards > Threads > ...    
Post Reply. What is the best paint stripper to use on solid wood? 1 response(s) (click to view text), Date Posted, Author (* expert).
  PRG Inc. - Finishing Products    
Remove dirt and old finish, using paint stripper if previous finish is present. Wash down with commercial wood cleaner, preferably containing TSP.
  | EaCo Chem Inc. | Paint Stripping |    
A solvent based sealer, stain, coating and paint stripper with a wide range of It does not harm aluminum, wood, masonry or sidings when used properly.
  Coatings World: Product Archive    
From Sermatech International January 2000 Products Oakite Offers Fast-Acting Paint Stripper Deft's New Satin Clear Wood Finish Aerosol Paint Stripper TCA Adds
  Indoor Environmental Quality    
The safest paint stripper is a thick washing soda and choose the water-based stripper Safest Stripper, available in Specify nontoxic finishes for wood floors.
  Stripping Off Paint Layers (washingtonpost.com)    
paint softened by the stripper. Working on turned chair legs, carved moldings and other pieces with nooks and crannies, you can use a dull knife, pointed wood
  Stripping Wood Finishes    
2. Apply Chemical Stripper: To remove paint and polyurethane finishes or to strip stain from the wood's surface, you will need to apply a chemical stripper (as
Paint Stripper: I prefer using Dad's Easy Spray. It seems to work on almost any finish doesn't seem to harm or discolor the wood or raise the grain.
  Household products - Decofinder.com    
and numbers Stain wax Steel wool Stripper Teak oil Treshold metal bar Varnish Ventilating screen Wax Wood bleach Wood filler Wood glue Wood paint Wood putty
  Natural Paint Manufacturers    
& exterior), primers, pigments, lacquers, lazure paints, wood primer, varnishes, seedlac, oils, waxes, adhesives, thinner, paint stripper, wood grain filler
  BHG Australia - Using paint stripper    
Remove excess stripper with water or methylated spirits as Using a paint scraper To use a scraper, hold it cleaning out grooves, as this can gouge the wood.
  Problem-Solver Wood Stripper, environmentally safe, Online Paintstore-ePaintStore.com    
paint, paint supplies, wallpaper, wallpaper supplies, area rugs, area Cabot Wood Stripper back to Cabot menu Problem-Solver® Wood Stripper Kit (One Gallon & One Quart): This Product
  Restoring Carousel Art    
Avoid the use of sharp tools that may damage the wood. It is better to use more stripper than more force to remove thick paint.
Solvent based Paint Stripper with NO Methylene Chloride, Caustics, Acids or MEK. Safe on wood, concrete, plaster, glass & all metals.
Purpose Primer (lead free RLS) Deks Olje #1 Saturating Wood Protector Deks STRIPPERS Powerlift Stain Stripper Citristrip Paint Stripper EzyStrip Paint Stripper.
  Home and Garden Television: Repairs / Maintenance    
drop cloth non-toxic gel stripper small bucket or other container * Paint stripper is corrosive sections, and apply the gel in the direction of the wood grain.
  Household Hazardous Waste Homepage    
Wood Floors For unvarnished floors, damp mop with mild vegetable oil soap. (back to top). Paint Stripper Use a scraper, rasp or abrasive block, heat
  Conserv*A*Store Paint Stripper-Soy Based    
Paint Stripper-Soy Based. Description: 'A natural soy based non-toxic product for effective removal of paint, shellac, varnish from most wood and metal
POR-15 of Texas Carries a Complete line of POR-15 Products, Stop RUST with POR Search POR-15 PAINT REMOVER/STRIPPER DIRECTIONS, SUPPLEMENTARY 20 minutes and remove. Wood: wash off stripper with wood
  Hegstrip - safe biodegradable paint-stripper adhesive remover: environmentally friendly    
safe, biodegradable environmentally-friendly paint stripper & adhesive remover, from Oil foam sealant, varnish, permanent marker, paint, wood stain, nail polish and ink. Automotive
  Paint Stripper - UK    
Particularly effective paint stripper for removing oil-based paints Stripper is an effective chemical stripper for removing oil based paints and varnishes from wood, metal and glass. Apply
  Paint, Varnish & Wallpaper Stripper / Remover - UK    
A wide range of paint & varnish removers, and Stripper Particularly effective paint stripper for removing oil-based paints and varnishes (including polyurethane) from wood metal and
  Parks Corporation - Paint/Finish Removers    
and general deterioration from antiques and old wood furniture while retaining the desirable color and character that harsh stripper or paint remover can destroy. This special formula softens the
ten minutes, scrub the wood with a medium-bristle brush and rinse off. Other Surface Restoration Products. STEP TWO. Water-based synthetic paint stripper for all
  HGTV :: Home :: Project Plans    
Paint stripper (optional) Spray Paint (optional) Top Piece: 4 X 8 Sheet of 3/4" plywood with a poplar veneer. Two 8' pieces of pine molding. Wood screws
  Understanding Common Paint and Finish Strippers    
Paint and finish stripper manufacturers are Striping Solvents and Chemicals There are only a few commonly used chemicals in modern wood strippers.
  American Building Restoration Products, Inc., Paint Strippers and ...    
Spec, 700X Paint Stripper. Spec, 700XX Special Coating Stripper. Spec, TR-7 Tar and Mastic Remover. Architectural Specifications by CSI Number Wood Preservation &
  FOCUS DO IT ALL - Advice - Project Guides - Woodwork    
abrasive paper to finish. If you want to varnish the wood, use wire wool dipped in chemical stripper to remove last traces of paint.
  PreTox 7000 Paint Stripper Data Sheet Description PreTox 7000 ...    
Wood • Historic Restorations Compatible Removal Methods • Hand Scraping • Water Blasting Recommended Application Equipment PreTox 7000 Paint Stripper can
  Dave's Garden: Handyman: Don't want paint stripper    
Don't want paint stripper. Forum: Handyman, Total Replies: 18. I want to paint dark furniture a lighter colour. One piece is veneered but others are solid wood.
  Conversion Varnish and Paint Stripper, Non Toxic Cleaner, P&D ...    
Can be used on painted or wood surfaces Application Simple, Easy & Safe: Apply by brush or spray MAGIC 555TM Conversion Varnish & Paint Stripper on the surfaces

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